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BREAKING:World Igbo Congress rejects Ebubeagu, urges support for ESN


The World Igbo Congress has dismissed the security outfit codenamed Ebubeagu which was as of late set up by legislative heads of the South-East locale.

As indicated by Guardian, the dismissal came from the Chairman, Board of Directors, Prof. Anthony Ejiofor, and the leader individuals from WIC.

The WIC representative, Basil Onwukwe educated lead representatives with respect to the district to help the Eastern Security Network to make it a solid security outfit for the Igbo ethnic gathering.

He encouraged them not to permit themselves to be utilized as devices in the possession of the Fulani ethnic gathering who have pledged to vanquish Nigeria.

He said, “How would you expect similar individuals whose friends and relatives hold the Sword of Damocles over our heads to be our safeguards? That is contradictory. Lead representatives be careful with the Trojan pony.

“Thinking about the prior, WIC rejects the Ebubeagu security outfit, following the conditions encompassing the declaration after the lump guarantee that ESN is associated with the jail break in Owerri, without proof.”

The WIC required a certifiable interest in the security of life and property in the South-East area.

“WIC won’t hold conciliatory sentiments in ensuring our country when the public safety agents have neglected to indict a caught Fulani desperado. All the more along these lines, it is a renouncement of our unavoidable rights to self-protection.

“The southeast lead representatives need to renew their equity divisions and start to arraign violators of the open brushing law, by authorizing the laws in their book. It will help in checking the raiding Fulani herders,” Onwukwe added.

The Congress asked pioneers in the South-East to sue the President, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (retd.), for sidelining the Igbo ethnic gathering from top situations in government.

“This is a baldfaced and outrageous infringement of the Federal Character provision of the 1999 Constitution.

“The goal is to review the irregularity, so that, later on, security gatherings, for example, the one held in Owerri (penultimate) Sunday won’t resemble an expert worker instructional meeting,” the WIC said.


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