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BREAKING:We need to stop APC from destroying Nigeria in 2023 – Governor Wike


Waterways State Governor, Nyesom Wike, has approached Nigerians not to permit the All Progressives Congress to keep on keeping the nation in its ebb and flow disastrous state.

This was as the senator said he was not nursing the desire of pursuing the position of the President of Nigeria.

Wike, who talked when he showed up as a visitor on Arise Television, clarified that the Peoples Democratic Party was keen on assuming control over force in 2023 with the end goal of pushing the country ahead and out of its present status.

“The APC ought not be permitted to keep on keeping the nation in its present catastrophic state. We need to take over to push Nigeria ahead,” the senator said.

On hypotheses that he was gunning for the administration, Wike expressed, “At this moment, I am concentrating on conveying the profits of majority rule government to the individuals of Rivers State.

“To clear every hypothesis, let me express that I won’t pursue the position of the President of Nigeria for the time being. I am focusing on creating Rivers State. I am not involved with anyone saying that the issue in the PDP is around 2023.

“That can be the issue in the APC since it is the decision party. This is the last residency of Mr President and he is going. Along these lines, individuals are hustling to take over from him inside his gathering. The PDP has nothing to do with that in light of the fact that the manner in which it is currently, we are taking over from nothing.”

Remarking on previous Vice-President Atiku Abubakar’s yearning to challenge for the administration once more, Wike said it was a basic right that couldn’t be denied.

The representative portrayed as disastrous the disappointment of security offices to capture individuals from a genius Amaechi bunch that took steps to crush the state.


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