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BREAKING:U.S. Encouraged to force visa prohibition on enemy of survey electronic gathering congresspersons


The Democracy Vanguard of Nigeria in Diaspora (DVND) has approached the United States to force a visa restriction on those congresspersons that went against electronic transmission of political race brings about Nigeria.

Driven by Comrade Timothy Sule, the gathering additionally asked President Muhammadu Buhari to retain consent to the changed Electoral Amendment Act.

The influenced legislators are the 52 that casted a ballot against the drive and the 28 others that declined. The allure was contained in a letter dated July 18, 2021 and addressed to the U.S. Diplomat to Nigeria, Mary Beth Leonard, duplicates which were shipped off United States Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken, Acting Assistant Secretary, Ambassador Robert Godec and Deputy Assistant Secretary, Akunna Cook.

The body blamed the administrators that said their position was educated by poor GSM network in the country that could disappoint a decent number of Nigerians if electronic democratic and resemblance are embraced.

“This respectable expectation was energetically and vivaciously tested by certain administrators from a specific zone and ideological group. These treacherous components in the end prevailed with regards to tossing it into the void,” DVND said.

As indicated by the correspondence, “the activity is dishonorable, derisive and totally unforgivable. It likens to a reasonable scorn for the Nigerian public.”

The candidate proceeded: “We approach the United States, United Kingdom, European Union, Canada, African Union and all partners to make a dire move to stop this blending fire from the beginning before it burns-through the country and makes a huge exile emergency on the planet.

“Meanwhile, we have appended names of that load of officials who assumed one part or the other in the concealment and subverting of majority rule government in Nigeria for a visa boycott. Their relatives will not be saved of the looming visa boycott also.

“All things being equal, we, at DVND, will be of help where appropriate to assist with understanding our solicitation for the security of majority rule standards and the holiness of all electing measures in Nigeria.”

The association further said: “We denounce in solid terms, the individuals who are set on seeing Nigeria on its knees through the exterior of a political race measure that is described by controls and mishandlings by the individuals who ought to be the genuine overseers of the cycle.

“We might want to praise the not very many reformist resistance officials in the Senate and the House of Representatives, driven by Senator Ehinanya Abaribe and Ndudi Elumelu, who represented Nigeria when the event requested.

“The individuals who absolved themselves from the chamber without a legitimate explanation are similarly reproved and denounced. Those, who were prominently missing, are no greater than the individuals who shot the correction down with their egotistical and unfeeling plan. Nigerians currently know the genuine adversaries of your extraordinary nation and at the suitable time, they will accept their prize in equivalent measures.”

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