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BREAKING:Power Must Remain In The North, Tinubu Ruling Nigeria Under Buhari — Arewa Youths cry out


The Arewa Consultative Youth Forum, AYCF, has claimed that a national leader of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Bola Tinubu and his cabals have taken over the country.

AYCF President General, Yerima Shettima stated this in an interview with Daily Post, while lamenting that the South-West was allegedly ruling the country by proxy.

Reacting to clamours that the South-East should produce Nigeria’s President in 2023, Shettima insisted that power must remain in the North because Tinubu and his cabals have allegedly taken over the country.

He stated that North will hold unto power in 2023 after which it may decide to handover to the South-East.

According to Shettima: “To be very honest with you, the question of power moving back to the South does not even arise; a case where one of our own from the North is a President, they deliberately put him there and they are milking the entire country in the interest of the South-West and South and you think we will waste this eight years of this administration that does not have a clear direction of what they would do for other parts of the country, it won’t work.

“Mindful of the fact that from the result of the just-concluded election, we see the entire number of votes that came out of the entire South and the North is a clear indication that the issue of rotation does not even arise.

“So, the question of power going back to the South does not arise. We have to get our own share of the national cake. So what we are experiencing now is a confusion as South-West enjoying it and they are the same people clamouring for the presidency in 2023, they should forget it.

“The organogram of the man in Bourdillon will not work and you know who I’m referring to and we will ensure that the cabal in Lagos does not get it that easy. Power remains in the North until we get our own share before we now begin to consider the South-East that has been marginalised over the years.

“But for now, we can’t afford to lose power because we need to ensure that things work, don’t forget that the North is at war and we have lost a lot of things and poverty is high compared to other parts of the country and we can’t fold our hand for others to take power so we suffer for another eight years. Already, we are suffering, they should be fair to Nigerians, North is part of the country.

“The North is only ruling the country by proxy, you can’t be doing our brother ‘wayo’ and say he’s in charge, Tinubu and his aides have taken over the entire country. The Vice President, the super Minister, Fashola are all in the benefit of the South-West and this is unacceptable, they only programme our brother and send him to the UK while they rule the country.”


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