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BREAKING:Pope Francis Rejects German Bishop’s Offer To Quit Over Abuse


Pope Francis on Thursday dismissed a proposal by top German priest Reinhard Marx to leave over the tremendous kid sex misuse outrage shaking the Church, encouraging the cardinal known for his changes to remain and help shape change in the organization.

“Proceed as you propose (in your peaceful work) yet as Archbishop of Munich and Freising,” the pope kept in touch with Marx, alluding to the position he was offering to clear.

Marx voiced amazement at the quick answer from the pope and said he acknowledged the “incredible test” put to him.

“This implies that for me and our regular work at the Archdiocese of Munich and Freising, we’ll need to consider which new ways we can take, likewise taking into account the historical backdrop of the huge numbers of disappointment,” Marx said in an articulation.

He added that he will before long “consider how we can contribute significantly more to the restoration of the Church”.

Marx, who was never blamed for misuse or of a concealment, declared recently that he had offered the pope his abdication over the congregation’s “institutional and fundamental disappointment” in dealing with youngster sex misuse outrages.

The shocking choice came after the congregation in Germany, as in numerous spots somewhere else, was shaken by claims of wide-running maltreatment by ministers against minors.

In his letter, the pope concurred with Marx in denouncing the “calamity” of administrative sexual maltreatment embarrassments and the manner in which the Catholic Church managed them “as of not long ago”.

“The whole Church is in emergency as a result of the maltreatment issue” and “the Church can’t continue without handling this emergency”, the pope wrote in his local Spanish.

He added: “The ostrich strategy (of avoiding reality) turns into dead end.”

The pope said the Catholic Church proved unable “live with the heaviness of having ‘carefully guarded secrets’, as the adage goes,” and said it expected to admit to its transgressions and “request the finesse of disgrace”.

Holding up Marx for instance, Francis expressed gratitude toward the ecclesiastical overseer for his “Christian mental fortitude which doesn’t fear the cross, which doesn’t dread to be overpowered by the enormous truth of wrongdoing”.


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