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BREAKING:Serious protest over Lockdown In Ohio, USA (Video)


Crowds gathered outside of the Ohio Statehouse in Columbus during Gov. Mike DeWine’s daily COVID-19 press briefing on the afternoon of April 13 to protest statewide shutdowns.

This isn’t the first protest regarding the pandemic-related business closures and stay at home order: About 75 protestors gathered on Thursday, April 9.

Approx 200 – 300 people have protested thus far and none of protestors can be seen wearing cloth face masks at the gathering. It also appears the recommended six-foot social distancing guideline to prevent the spread of the virus was largely ignored. People are sick and tired of having their constitutional rights being stripped away for a virus more similar to the common Flu and not as deadly as it’s being portrayed.

Keeping infected people quarantined is one thing, but keeping healthy people under house arrest in the name of “lockdown” is tyranny.

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