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BREAKING:No Threats is lightly, Be prepared at all time.Senator Ekweremadu advise Igbos Over Miyetti Allah’s Threats.


According to the report, the Deputy president of the senate, prof Ike Ekweremadu has open up on the security threat
according to him the president of the senate, Dr Bukola Saraki was prevent then from going to the National Assembly unconstrained so that both of them could be removed, a developmet that was meant to guard the all progressive Congress, APC, Senator from defecting to the People Democratic Party, PDP.

Senator Ekweremadu said that he has refused to bulge to the tactic of intimations on him and has sworn to be on the side of peace,and true democracy and freedom of association.

He said dont ever take any threat to a mare joke, i advise all the igbos to open their eyes and watch very well.

Never keep your eyes close because this is a threat and we must take it with serious mind to avoid losing of lives. if they can not come to dialogue with the Igbos they should forget it.

Senator Ekweremadu spoke in an interview, yesterday, when the members of his Enugu West Senatorial Constituency .

speaking on the occasion, he said” those of us who ask the real thing to be done are being hounded by the Government. this is a tragedy of the whole problem. the government must be open plainly and give a suggestions and be able to come to an agreement. this medium of a democracy is an agreement not force,take it by force that is where the problem is coming from in this country.

we want to see a country that is peaceful and united where there is rule of law, where there will be no didviding line between the north and the south, between the ijaws and the Igos and between the Biron and the Fulanis. we want this country to leave peacefully, we dont need to war and kill ourself. we dont want a situation where people find it hard to go from Abuja to Kaduna and it’s acceptable.


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