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Nigeria’s Embassy in UK risk Close-down over too much of Dept


THEBIAFRASTAR-The Nigeria Nigh Commission in the United State has open up on the $7.1M dept own by Nigeria in the year 2018.

Due to to this statement tagged” Dept owned by Diplomatic Missions and the International Organizations body in the United Kingdom 2018 released on Tuesday by the Secretary of the State of Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs,(SFCA)lead by Dominic Raab,The Nigeria high commission discover to the leading in the aspects of the dept related charges to the British Authorities

This statement was revealed that the US accumulate the total sum of 102,255 unpaid congestion charges,which add up to $12.44m, Embassy of Japan total is $69.690 unpaid congestion charges which result to $8,510,650, while Nigeria High Commission fellows with the sum total of $58,102 unpaid congestion charges which resulted to $7,063,964 in lost revenue for the Transport for London.

The commonwealth Offer further stated that apart from the unpaid congestion charges, the Nigeria High Commission had $47,165 in outstanding parking space fines in the same year 2018 and also he added that the commission has $36,975 of unpaid National Non-Domestic rates which is six percent of the total values of offices of diplomatic missions which they have agreed to paid.

the Sum total that Nigeria is owning is $7,148,105 for the year 2018

According to the Commonwealth Officer Mr Raab said that he had several meeting the debtors while encouraging they to pay up their debts.

“In addition, in the year 2019 the protocol Directorate wrote to diplomatic missions and the international organizational body to urged the debtor to pay up their money to avoid the close down of Embassy


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