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BREAKING:”Leave Fulani Alone, Stop Endangering Lives Of Yorubas” – MURIC Warns Amotekun


Leave Fulani An Islamic human rights association, the Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC), has unequivocally cautioned the South West security outfit, Amotekun, to disregard the Fulani and quit imperiling the lives of Yoruba individuals living in the North and different areas of the nation.

MURIC said that Amotekun must concentrate on assaults on the individuals of Ile-Ife by hooligans supported by unlawful diggers and not on Fulani herdsmen.MURIC, notwithstanding, praised Amotekun for its readiness, yet entrusted it on polished methodology and detribalized security cognizance.

The association likewise advised Amotekun against melodrama in an announcement marked by it Director, Professor Ishaq Akintola, and made accessible to DAILY POST on Friday morning.

The Islamic human rights bunch was responding to the announced capture of ‘outlaws’ who attempted to enter Osun State by the Amotekun corps.

As per MURIC, “We compliment Amotekun agents for being alert. In any case, they should consistently utilize the correct depiction for those caught. Those suspects ought not have been depicted as ‘criminals’. They didn’t need to be connected with the banditry going on in the North. Amotekun must be proficient and completely detribalized in the event that it needs to accomplish the ideal outcomes.

“A great deal of gaps can be picked from the narrative of the supposed ‘outlaws’ captured by Amotekun. Those suspects were presumably hooligans imported from Lagos, not ‘criminals’ as detailed. The media cited the commandant of Amotekun himself saying that they were ‘from Lagos State going to Itagunmodi mining site in Atakumosa West Local Government Area of Osun State’.

“We as a whole comprehend what has been going on in the unlawful mining destinations in the State of Osun. Thuggery and hooliganism rules as blameless occupants are bothered while their homes are barraged by flying rockets because of blasts at the mines. This is the circumstance in Ile-Ife at this very moment.

“The populace is anxious and the security circumstance has been aggravated by the way that influential individuals in the town are behind the illicit mining and the oppression of the Ife individuals.

“Truth be told, a video cut possessing MURIC shows the close destruction of one Mr. Segun Awofolarin’s home at Asarinlegan, Ile-Ife, brought about by overwhelming stones which arrived on the rooftop and entered the rooms.

“A few other overwhelming stones landed like scud rockets on the child’s bed, the restroom and the whole compound. This occurrence happened on Tuesday, second June, 2020. The family was fortunate to get away from safe since they didn’t rest at home on that day.

“A few petitions have been sent by the individuals of Ile-Ife to the state government. Denouncing fingers have been pointed at imported hooligans being utilized by influential individuals supporting the diggers to threaten the occupants.

“It was a portion of these hooligans who were being moved to the mining locales to bug the individuals of Ile-Ife that the Amotekun men captured, not ‘scoundrels’. The emergency goes back to a few years.

“MURIC advances to the state government to utilize Amotekun young men in safeguarding the Ife individuals from the hands of merciless businesspeople who are keen on making life hopeless for the helpless masses in Ile-Ife. This ought to be the focal point of Amotekun, not fanciful crooks and herders. Ile-Ife is the support of Yorubaland. The town is in this way fundamental to the achievement or disappointment ascribed to Amotekun.

“We need Amotekun to battle inside security challenges and the circumstance in Ile-Ife is turning crazy. Noble cause starts at home. Ife individuals are being driven out of their homes a similar way crooks are driving guiltless individuals out of their homes in Katsina, Niger and some other Northern states. The police is purportedly impeded. This test must go to Amotekun since the last was built up to supplement police tasks.

“It is anyway upsetting that the principal report of captures didn’t make reference to any weapons. It just said ‘arranged kinds of charms were recouped from two of the speculated outlaws’. Something isn’t right if every one of the eighteen individuals in a transport are marked scoundrels when conventional charms were found on just two of them. It was the second report which came 24 hours after the fact that made reference to ‘diverse matchets, cutlasses, scoops and arranged charms’.

“Indeed, even a five-year-old kid realizes that ‘matchets and cutlasses’ are very much the same thing. So why copy it? This is an activity in overstatement. Are scoops additionally weapons? It is notable that workers move around with the devices of their work and the incompetent work from the North hauling their devices around is a typical sight in the South. Must we mislead helpless workers? When did we quit being our siblings’ guardians? Amotekun is showing desperate desertification of polished skill in addition to a pitiable enthusiasm for slander.

“In opposition to the enthusiastic feature which expressed that the ‘desperados’ were captured, it could be assembled from the story that Amotekun simply ‘sent them back to where they originated from’.

This is sheer melodrama determined to warm up the country. It is completely pointless except if a few people are moving in the direction of the annihilation of this nation. A security unit made to keep up harmony and security must not work experiencing some miscommunication with other law requirement organizations. Neither should it make pointless dread.

“Those suspects ought not have been permitted to go without any penalty. It uncovered Amotekun’s absence of experience. The suspects have abused the general restriction on interstate development. They ought to have been captured and arraigned regardless of whether it is for that offense alone.

“MURIC underpins the progression taken by Yoruba governors to battle weakness. Nothing isn’t right with trying to ensure one’s state yet accentuation must not be on a specific clan as targets, suspects or guilty parties. We should de-underscore north-south polarity as we continued looking for answers for our security challenges. Crooks must be captured without generalizing any clan or area.

“We instruct pioneers with respect to all clans to alert corrupt components among their kin against going to different states to take part in crimes. Such activities have the ability to mark the picture of their clans.

“In the event that you are a hoodlum and you can’t quit taking, take in your state. Try not to go to different states to discolor the picture of your clan. This guidance goes to all ethnicities: Igbo, Ijaw, Hausa, Fulani, Yoruba, and so forth since all clans have their own hoodlums similarly as they all have their average and persevering residents.

“Let us, in this way, address culpability and quit connecting hoodlums with their clans. Let us rebuff lawbreakers, not other guiltless individuals who happen to originate from the criminal’s town or town. It’s anything but a wrongdoing to be a Yoruba, an Igbo or Fulani. Any of us could have been conceived anyplace.

“MURIC sees the current issue of uncertainty confronting Nigeria as an emergency of qualities and the best approach to illuminate it is for us all to reconsider our standards with a view to re-designing cultural qualities. Our objective ought to be to develop a superior society, not to condemn any ethnicity.

For example, the ongoing ascent in assault cases is a test for Amotekun. By what method can four instances of assault and killing happen in Akinyele Local Government of Ibadan alone inside one month and Amotekun can’t fish out the guilty parties in its own lawn? Is it herders and Fulanis alone they are appointed to secure?

“The risk in the belittling of any clan by Amotekun lies in the introduction of Yoruba individuals living in different locales to peril. Are Amotekun specialists ready to forfeit Yoruba individuals living outside the district?

The individuals who neglect to give equity and fairplay will load unfairness on their friends and relatives in different spots. Amotekun must be broadminded.Its activity must not be limited to searching for lawbreakers from a specific clan else it will miss many hoodlums from different clans.

“We remind Nigerians that Amotekun is still in its early stages and any developing newborn child must have early stage troubles. We along these lines approach all Nigerians, especially non-oversee mental associations (NGOs) to screen its exercises so as to guarantee straightforwardness, responsibility, equity and fairplay.

“This rebuke ought not astonish anybody since it is in the character of NGOs to screen the exercises of government offices, including the police. In this way, Amotekun can’t be a special case. This security outfit must not be permitted to develop into an inborn or strict Gestapo.

“On a last note, we compliment Amotekun for its readiness, yet we prompt the security outfit to concentrate on assaults on the individuals of Ile-Ife by hooligans supported by illicit diggers and sequential attackers who are polluting Yoruba ladies. We task Amotekun on demonstrable skill. We call for detribalized security cognizance and alert against drama.”


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