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BREAKING:Indigenous nationalities demand referendum as UN protest starts today


The Chairman of the Nigerian Indigenous Nationalities Alliance for Self-Determination, Prof. Banji Akintoye, and different pioneers from the South and the Middle Belt are set to lead the 1,000,000 man walk to the United Nations today ( Tuesday).

The walk, which holds from September 14 to 24 inverse the UN central command in New York, United States, was booked to concur with the 76th UN General Assembly, what begins today (Tuesday).

Akintoye said in an assertion on Monday by his Communications Manager, Maxwell Adeleye, that the dissent was to draw the consideration of world pioneers to state-supported psychological oppression against individuals of the Middle Belt and southern Nigeria.

Akintoye, who is an eminent history specialist, said the dissent would likewise show to the world the “destruction being executed by deadly herders for the sake of touching in the South and Middle Belt of Nigeria.”

He said the gathering would request that the “UN should lead submissions for the people groups in the South and the Middle Belt to decide if they actually needed to be essential for Nigeria or needed free countries.”

The NINAS manager said the 1999 Constitution, which he noted was foisted on the Nigerian public, should be disposed of before the overall political decision would be held in 2023.

Akintoye approached individuals of the South and the Middle Belt living in the US and Canada to come out and join the dissent.

The assertion read to a limited extent, “We need a finish to the ethno-strict killings in Nigeria. We need the public authority of Nigeria to quit financing illegal intimidation against us. What’s going on today in Nigeria is a state-supported psychological warfare.

“The herders you find in the South and the Middle Belt today are unique in relation to the migrant herders we grew up to know. The current ones are imported individuals from ISIS, Al-Qaeda, ISWAP and Boko Haram psychological militants being taken on the appearance of scoundrels.

“By the beauty of God, we will be requesting from the world chiefs to announce Miyyeti Allah as a psychological militant gathering. It is perilous to the wellbeing and tranquility of the South and the Middle Belt individuals to consider Miyyeti Allah a worker’s organization; it is a psychological militant gathering being upheld by the current Fulanised legislature of Nigeria with a mission to invade the native individuals.”

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