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Breaking:Imo Youths attack on Gov. Hope Uzodinma is just the beginning more are still coming.“There will be no rest for any Fulani sap in Biafraland.—Nnamdi Kanu speaks


Nnamdi Kanu, the pioneer of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, has responded to the assault on the Governor of Imo State.

Kanu, in a Facebook post, cautioned that “This is the beginning as we foretold a few days ago.”

Uzodinma was attacked Sunday afternoon at Ohaji Egbema Local Government Area.

Adolescents of Mmahu people group over and over yelled “Onye Oshi Vote, Onye Oshi Vote”, at the Governor upon his landing in the zone, tossing containers and sticks at the guard.

Kanu, depicted Uzodinma as a Fulani chump, including that “There will be no rest for any Fulani sap in Biafraland.

“Hope Uzodinma will be made an example of that others may learn that Fulani Caliphate or their Supreme Court of Corruption cannot impose leaders on us.”

Kanu further recalled as he mocked the Governor, “The Supreme Court Governor Of Imo State escaped death moments ago at Ohaji Egbema.

“The youths of Mmahu community who upon sighting the Governor’s convoy started shouting ‘Onye Oshi Vote, Onye Oshi Vote’ started throwing bottles and weapons on the Bulletproof SUV of the Governor.

“Uzodinma was, however, not allowed to come down from the car as security operatives whisked him away immediately,” Kanu said.

Before the Supreme Court’s last decision on the Imo governorship tussle, Kanu had advised the Supreme Court to invalidate the appointment of Uzodinma as Imo Governor and request a new governorship political race in the State.


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