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BREAKING:Having HIV Is Not A Death Sentence


On April 2013 my aunt got diagnosed with HIV at Catholic Hospital, Oluyoro. If you stay in Ibadan you’ll know this hospital. She was 58 years at the time of her diagnosis. Before she was diagnosed she was getting sick and having symptoms like cold, head ache, sweating at night, and insomnia. We were worried because this is a person that hardly get sick, so we took her to a private hospital where the doctor told us she has typhoid. She was on drip for two days before discharge after that she was fine again. Not until 3 months later she started having those symptoms again, we didn’t count it as anything and took her to that same hospital where she was given drips again. After the drips she was fine again.

The last straw was when she started vomiting and fainted on me, I was the only one at home that day. I performed CPR on her and then I decided to take her to a general hospital where proper medical examination can be done on her.

When we got there we queue, collect card and wait for doctor to attend to us. The doctor ask us some questions and the symptoms she has been having and for how long. After that the doctor directed us to where a nurse collected samples of her blood and we waited for the result.

When the doctor said she has HIV I couldn’t believe my ears, all blood drained from my body and I was shaking. It was the last thing I expected because this was a person whose last born was 19years at the time. After she was diagnosed the doctor gave her drugs, she started explaining how to take the drug and how taking it everyday without missing a dose is important.

Our journey back home was quiet, I was thinking throughout, how did this happen? When we got home we meet my uncle (her husband) and we told her everything the doctor said. Everybody was just looking at one another, thinking ‘we all don get HIV’.

The next morning my uncle took us all to the hospital to get tested and to know who and who have the disease. After going through the hospital routine our results came out. We were all tested negative including her husband, which brings all of us to ask, how did she get it? Till today no one knows. Her doctor says she has been living with it for over 5 years and none of us know including her.


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