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BREAKING:“Coronavirus Will disappear From Nigeria very Soon” – Prophet TB Joshua surprise the whole World, disclose Date(See Video)


Prophet T.B. Joshua of the Synagogue Church of all Nations (SCOAN) has revealed when the deadly Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) would stop taking its toll on nations of the world.

Joshua had on March 1, 2020, prophesied that there would be showers of rain across the country that would “wipe away the fear of the unknown.”

He had said, “When it rains, make sure you allow it to touch your body. Take note: Some parts of the country may not witness the showers. Ask your family members and friends in those areas to help you get drops of the water.”

THE WHISTLER had reported how some parts of Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory, witnessed the first rainfall in 2020 on Sunday, March 1.

Joshua, who did not specifically mention Coronavirus in his prophecy, had made reference to a strange disease preventing people from coming together out fear of being infected with the disease.

“You know places all over the world [where] they could not come together again because of this temptation and trial that is going on…places of worship, places of this [and] places of that would be closed down because of the situation on ground.

“This is the reflection of what Jesus was saying…this is what your ancestors and predecessors have passed on to you…fear.”

Joshua recalled that he had prophesied last year about something that would bring about immense fear to the world.

He however prophesied that “This month 27th, it will be over.”

“By the end of this month whether you like it or not, no matter which medicine they might have produced to cure whatever, it will go the way it came.

“My concern now is about your career. You can’t travel freely to many places you do businesses. Even if you go there, the embarrassment you through is too much.

“People are now using this in every port of entry to be embarrassing people.’’

He said but, “this March, from now till that 27th, you have to be in attitude of prayer.”

Joshua said Jesus Christ had warned against a temptation that would come and test the faith of Christians.

He said, “This is the season. This is the time the prophecy he gave centuries [ago] is now reflecting…it is manifesting now.”

Joshua said Jesus had warned that, “Something is coming that will challenge your faith…something is coming that you will not want you to sit with your neighbor because your neighbour will cough.

“something will happen that you will not want your neigbour to touch you because you would be infected,” adding that “I pray your faith will not fail.”


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