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BREAKING:Bayern Munich and France safeguard Lucas Hernández Sentenced To Prison For Disobeying A Judge(SEE PHOTOS)


Bayern Munich and France safeguard Lucas Hernández has been requested to answer to jail by a court in Madrid. The previous Atlético Madrid player, who was important for the UEFA Nations League-winning Les Bleus side that beat Spain on Sunday evening, has been told to go to a court hearing in the Spanish capital on 19 October face to face, “to be by and by mentioned to intentionally enter his preferred prison focal point inside ten days.”

Hernández is confronting the court hearing because of occasions that occurred on the third of February 2017, when the player was captured on doubt of attacking his then sweetheart, Amelia de la Osa Lorente in the road. Both Hernández and De la Osa were condemned in June 2017 to 31 hours of local area administration, fined, and gave a limiting request keeping the pair from meeting, conveying or been inside 500 meters of one another for quite some time.

In any case, Hernández and De la Osa got hitched four months into the limiting request and later made a trip together to the Bahamas for a vacation. They were consequently captured upon their re-visitation of Madrid Barajas air terminal on 13 June, 2017, on a departure from Miami.

Hernández was accused of breaking the controlling request and went through the night in Moratalaz jail in Madrid, legal sources affirmed. The Public Prosecutor in this manner looked for a one-year custodial sentence for Hernández and his attorneys’ allure was denied since Lucas had effectively neglected to conform to the 31 days of local area administration forced on him in 2017. He was unexpectedly delivered by The Court of Domestic Abuse in Madrid.

The charge that Hernández currently faces isn’t identified with the underlying attack charges however for having ignored the sets of an adjudicator.

Hernández’s attorneys have pursued against the court request and it stays not yet clear if the Madrid local high court maintains it or acknowledges the allure, wherein case the player will no doubt be saved prison.

Regardless, Hernández should show up face to face to get familiar with his destiny. In case he is requested to go to prison, it may be the case that he is delivered following a couple of days under the current lawful system, which expresses that if the courts deny an option in contrast to jail the individual is reserved and afterward, if their allure is maintained, therefore delivered.

Regardless, to the extent AS has had the option to decide, Bayern Munich were totally uninformed of this legitimate interaction as of recently, in spite of Hernández being told before.


For those inquiring as to why Amelia was not captured: she was distinguished however not confined on the grounds that the adjudicator had not yet told her of the limiting request.

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