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BREAKING!! The Reason Why We Have Not Gotten Biafra – IPOB Deputy Head of Directorate


I was review today over a statement credited to the Deputy Head of Directorate of Indigenous People of Biafra, Mazi Tony Nzurumike where he emphasized that our republican way of doing things, will not help us in the Biafra restoration effort. According to him, in the statement the IPOB leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has really taken an exhaustive study of the mentality and the republican nature of our people, with attached consequences to the restoration of the sovereignty of Biafra. There is therefore, the need to get such abolished and get introduced, what is known as “Command and Control Mindset”.

In his words he stated and I quote: “Though republicanism and democratism run in our blood, but our leader was divinely inspired to carry out a study on Biafrans well over time, before the commencement of this global movement”. He came to the conclusion that it is only those who are highly disciplined in IPOB that can get BIAFRA. This gave rise to the “Command and Control; and Chain of Command” structures.” 
Talking about the importance of discipline in the struggle, Mazi Mazi Tony highlights the need to completely brush aside our “republican nature” in his words, 

“our republicanism and democratism cannot give us BIAFRA, period!”. “The reason why we are yet slaves to the Fulani cattle rearers exactly, hinges on our so-called republican nature as a people. This perculiarism  becomes only usefully needed after the restoration of BIAFRA. Therefore, we must all individually carry out thorough examination of ourselves to see that we have what it takes to realize this task. It is however true that not everybody must get BIAFRA”, he concluded.


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