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BREAKING: Serious Blow in South-East as IPOB,Human Right Groups call for Urgent Release of Detained Biafra Men.


The civil society and Human Right activist group, international Society for Civil Liberties and Rule of Law(Intersociety) has cry out over the condition of 170 biafra people from the south east zone languishing in prison custody in Amabra and Enugu states over alleged pro-Biafra agitation.

The board chairman of the intersociety, Mr Emeke Umeagbalsi, in a special interview in Onistsha, accused the police chiefs from the North currently woking in the south East of indiscriminately arresting, framing and detained hundrends of defenceless citizen of the region without trail and no clear evidence in the regard of their detention without trial.

in the press statement sign by two lawyers, named Obianuju Igboeli and Chhidimma Udegbunam. also said that such action by the police chiefs were all done outside the period stipulated for such offence. they accused them of turning blind eyes t the real security threats and challenges the south East region.

over 140 people in Enugu and 30 in Anambra from the south east whose ages ranging between 15 and 64 including male and female,rusting in prison and police custody in Anambra and Enugu states. they said the victimes was arrested without any weapon.

while calling o the Attorneys General of Enugu and Anambra states to step into this case to ensured the freedom of those IPOB menbers and allow them to go back to their family’s. the group said the Anambra AG should seek report from the CID and get the detainees freed.

Both the Enugu and Anambra state police command did not confirm this story before the action was taken place. its was just call and text message sent to the commands.

The spokeperson in Enugu, Mr Ebere Amarizu and Anambra, Haruna Muhammed where not answer by any of them


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