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Breaking: Pastor Chris Okafor blasts FG, backs IPOB


The General Overseer, Greater Liberation City Church (GLCC), Pastor Chris Okafor has condemned to proscription of the Indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB), by the Federal government of Nigeria.
This, he said while reacting to the rape and killings by Fulani herdsmen.

According to the cleric, Miyetti Allah’s vigilance group proposal in South-East is “Demonic” and “Satanic”, adding that it is a ploy to Islamize the country.

He said:

“I have said it over and over again that it is a ploy to infiltrate the people; it is a demonic and satanic way to take over the country, but it will not work.

“We have our people; we know our terrain better, and you cannot guard my house more than I can do. If we truly need more hands in securing our land, then give the people state police

“How can you get a herdsman who is not part of our community, who does not believe in what we believe, to come and secure us? It shows they are up to something and the people in power are supporting this wicked move. We are no kids; we know their plans, but we will resist and reject them.

“Nigerians need to pray and defend their territory because the way things are going, and the way they are throwing things at the face of the people is a serious affront, and if we keep quite, we don’t know what they will do next. We are saying this because of the interest of our children. Some of us have lived more than half of our years on earth, but we see danger; we see our children becoming slaves and this we must resist.

“The evil agenda will not stand, not in my own time. The Kaduna State governor is doing a test-run to see how it will work and if it works in Kaduna State, other states will follow as long they are in the same political party so that they can retain power.

“We said it will not stand but he still passed the law; but the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) went to court. Islamisation of Nigeria will not stand as long as we have God.

“If people are afraid to say it, we are not afraid; we have been speaking and nothing will happen as long as Nigeria belongs to all of us.

“These people have been seriously empowered, and if you proscribed some set of people who have never killed or have not recorded violence like the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), and you allow a group to carry arms, kidnap people and rape women? There is something wrong

“There is a rumour making rounds that the government wants to give herdsmen N100 billion to float a radio station; all these will not stand. That is why we are praying that the righteous will sit on the throne and it is then, that the people will rejoice. God owns Nigeria and the righteous will sit on the throne; Nigeria is a secular nation and not an Islamic nation.


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