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Breaking News: US Navy’s most expensive warship just got even pricier

Using magnets rather than ropes or cables, the Ford’s special elevators are used to transport bombs up to the flight deck so they can be loaded onto aircraft. Designed to carry significantly more weight than previous elevators, they are intended to streamline the process of loading and reloading aircraft — getting them on and off the ship at a faster rate.
“The Navy intends to use the authority granted by Congress in the 2007 (National Defense Authorization Act) to increase the cost cap in order to correct deficiencies identified during testing as well as those changes required to ensure the safety of the ship and personnel,” the Navy said.
“Once the adjustment is executed, the cost for (the Ford) will stand at $13.027 billion,” the service told CNN.
The cost increase was first reported by Bloomberg last week.
While the Navy has the authority to adjust certain costs if “required to complete post-delivery test and trials,” the service must inform lawmakers when a spending cap breach occurs and outline how it will shift funds to cover the difference.

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