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Breaking News: Unknown Gun Men Bombed House of Nnia Nwodo, Sets Belongings on Fire


The country home of the President General of Ohanaeze Ndigbo, Chief Nnia John Nwodo at Ukehe in Enugu State has been bombed.

A source who confirmed this to Daily Sun said that an Improvised Explosive Device was thrown into his house by unknown persons from outside his compound.

The explosion was said to have destroyed part of his building, shattering windows and ceiling of his house.

Details to follow …..

Source : Daily Sun

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  1. peaceforall says

    The attack on Nnamdi Kanu home by Nnia Nwodo, Ohanaeze, Igbo Governors and their Fulani terrorists friends in guise of python dance has already unite the Igbo’s especially Igbo youths. Nnia Nwodo conspired, prescribe and ban IPOB to enable his Fualni friends to tag Igbo’s terrorists. The plans and strategies of Nnia Nwodo, Ohanaez and Igbo governors to start importing bombs and tarnishing the decent Image of Igbo’s is playing out. Every Igbo youth wish that old, money minded, warn-out saboteur Nnia Nwodo dead because his useless life is not much precious than that of Igbo youths that Nnia Nwodo invited his fulani terrorists friends to massacre in cold blood for asking what is universal legitimate. People who know Nnia Nwodo should tell the sabo and the Igbo governors to reverse the prescription and ban on IPOB as their counterparts in the far Arewa enclave of the North has not prescribed or ban the activities of fulani terrorists herdsmen killing our people in our own land and they are yet to be tag terrorists by Arewa elders and leaders. Those who accusing Igbo youths of been disrespectful to their stupid money minded elders and leaders should understand that respect is not bought in the supermarket or by fighting the collective interest of the people they claim to lead.

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