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Breaking news: Turmoil at the Bridge


Turmoil at the Bridge

The dagger thrust into our heart yesterday, with Spurs not only winning at Stamford Bridge for the first time since 1990 but also almost certainly ending our hopes of qualifying for the Champions League next season, could prove to be a mortal blow when it comes to the Chelsea tenure of Antonio Conte.

It doesn`t take a genius to have noticed that all is not well between the Italian and those who run our club, Conte`s remarks at press conferences have been, at times, petulant and at other times, veiled insults.

This morning, the media haven`t been slow to offer their views on the managerial situation at Stamford Bridge.

The news source, the Metro, has picked up on something covered by Sky Italia where somebody who has coped with the pressure of managing Chelsea, Gianlucca Vialli, has remarked about his fellow Italian,

“Conte can`t wait to leave Chelsea.

“He can`t stand that they sell or buy players without consulting him. The truth is, Chelsea would like a manager who is more of a club man.”

Has Luca hit the nail on the head?

Elsewhere, the popular news source, the The Guardian has picked up on some quotes attributed to Antonio relating to his future, quotes which read,

“I`m not worried.

“I`m giving – the players are giving – everything. We are working very hard to try to have a good season but, in the end, we are deserving this season. It means our value is this.

“I have my opinion but I`m very tired of always repeating the same things. I don`t want to create problems. If we are in this position, we deserve to be in this position. You have to ask the club, not me. I repeat: my task is to work and I know I work 24 hours a day for Chelsea, me and my staff. The commitment of the players is top. Despite this we stay in this position. We must be a bit worried about this.”

I`m not sure I`d be worried if I was in Conte`s shoes, he knows how the managerial merry-go-round works at Chelsea Football Club, besides, there`s always the comfort of the compensation package he`ll receive.



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