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Breaking News: Trump told confidant he wanted to brand FBI informant a ‘spy’ because he thought it would resonate with media, public: report


President Trump told a confidant this week that he aimed “to brand” an FBI informant on his campaign a “spy” because he thought it sounded more nefarious, according to The Associated Press.

Trump reportedly told one ally that he thought these embellishments would produce a greater response among media and the public.

The president has seized on reports of the informant, claiming that the former Cambridge University professor had been “embedded” in his campaign by the FBI under the Obama administration, though the White House has provided no supporting evidence.

Trump has told trusted sources that the so-called spy proves a politically motivated effort by the nation’s top law enforcement officials to sabotage his campaign, three sources told the AP.

Under pressure from Trump, top Justice Department and FBI officials are now allowing members of Congress to access documents on the bureau’s counterintelligence investigation into possible Russian collusion with the Trump campaign, including its use of the informant who spoke with campaign aide


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