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Breaking News: Shooting at bank in Ohio kills four people, including gunman


A shooting at a bank in the US state of Ohio has killed four people, including the gunman, police have said.

The incident happened early on Thursday morning at the Fifth Third Bank building in Cincinnati city centre.

Eliot Issac, the area’s police chief, said the gunman initially opened fire at a loading dock and then entered the bank’s lobby where there was an exchange of gunfire.

He added: “The shooter is deceased. We also have five additional victims that sustained injuries. Of those five, we have received word that three of those five are deceased.

“It is a very horrific situation. We are in the very early stages and are beginning an investigative process.”

At this stage, it is unclear whether the gunman shot himself or was shot by officers. His motive was also unclear.

One of the victims died at the scene.

John Cranley, the mayor of Cincinnati, said the gunman had been “actively shooting innocent victims” – and described the scene as “horrific”.

A large part of downtown Cincinnati was cordoned off after the shooting.

PG Sittenfeld, a councilman in the city, wrote on Twitter: “What a sick, tragic way for this day to begin. The scourge of gun violence leaves only loss.”


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