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Breaking News: Real Madrid Boss Zinedine Zidane Refuses To Commit To Club After Slipping 18 Points Behind La Liga Leaders Barcelona


At his press conference on Friday, it was noticeable how evasive Zinedine Zidane was being regarding his future at Real Madrid.

To this point, the Frenchman had been bullish about his continuity with Los Blancos, but another five points dropped in the last two games could well have seen things taking a different turn.

There’s simply no way the board of the club would’ve countenanced finishing behind Barcelona, let alone by the 18-point margin that there currently is between the two sides.

A blasé attitude to the domestic competition surely can’t sit well either. How can a club of Real Madrid’s stature have one of their legendary figureheads basically admitting that all of their eggs are in the Champions League basket and have been for a while now?!

Is that saying then that they gave up on the league when it seemed as if it was getting away from them? It’s not just a dangerous strategy to employ, but an incredibly stupid one.

With two games still to go in La Liga, the best that Real can hope for is a 12-point deficit to finish on, and that’s assuming that Barcelona lose both of their games and Los Blancos win both of theirs.

Regardless, Kiev seems to be Zidane’s main focus, and the notion that a win there will sweep away any negativity.

It’s true that if Real were to manage a ‘three-peat,’ that this current crop of players would arguably attain legendary status. Zidane too, despite still being a relative novice in coaching terms.

There’s no comparison with his opposite number at Liverpool, Jurgen Klopp, though the German has a poor record in finals, and Zidane certainly does not.

But what if the Reds were to repeat their 1981 triumph? It would mean that Real Madrid would be left with nothing.

Zidane on his future...

Zidane on his future…

Coming off of the back of last season, it would be considered an abject failure.

Lest we forget that after they had destroyed Barcelona in the two legs of the Spanish Super Cup, there were serious soundbites coming out of the Bernabeu that Real were going to ‘win it all’ and potentially go the entire league season unbeaten.

How galling it must be for them to find that it’s actually the Catalans that are the ones within 180 minutes of creating a remarkable piece of history in Spanish football.

It’s no wonder that Zidane is keeping a low profile where his future employment is concerned.


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