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Breaking News: PDP aspirant berates President Buhari over insecurity, economy


A presidential aspirant on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Datti Baba-Ahmed, has berated President Muhammadu Buhari for failing to secure the lives and property of Nigerians.

He said the Buhari administration remains largely unfulfilled in its promises to Nigerians as manifest in the reign of terror which he noted has spread to new areas in an increasingly divided nation while new forms of sophisticated crimes overwhelm a suppressed and depressed citizenry.

He told newsmen in Abuja yesterday shortly after submitting his nomination form that though, president Buhari challenged the three previous elections to the Supreme Court, his own 2015 victory was not challenged as Nigeria witnessed for the first time a peaceful transition of power from a party that ruled for 16 years.

“This unprecedented act of goodwill was complimented by taking an unprecedented period of 6 months to form a weak cabinet mostly from the old ruling party” he said

Ahmed pointed out that the economy is now at a point of near collapse as the Naira is currently 40% of its value from where Buhari took over just as interest rates have risen and banks hardly lend, with millions of jobs consequently lost due to multi nationals leaving Nigeria.

The presidential aspirant regretted that rather than being transparent in fighting graft, the war against corruption has evidently mainly focused on the opposition and the past government thereby, ignoring the present government’s inflated contracts and all other known acts of corruption in addition to the heavily manipulated foreign exchange allocation business.

“Certainly, Nigeria may not survive the continuation of these unfortunate trends and therefore the 2019 general elections provide yet one more chance to produce leaders to rescue Nigeria” he said.

While promising to bring lasting peace to the nation by accounting for every square meter of Nigeria’s territory as a means of ending terror, Ahmed assured of bringing crime to the minimum level and promote public order for the people to live and travel safely in their country.

Meanwhile, a locomotive train with identification SP00003, which took off from Kaduna and heading to Abuja, broke down on the outskirts of Jere Town, Jere Local Government Area, Kaduna State on Friday.

The incident prompted anger and disappointment from the passengers on board the train.

The train, which took off at about 10:35 am, stopped in Jere at about 12:20pm.

After a few minutes, an announcement was made to the passengers apologising for the stoppage, which was blamed on a mechanical fault.

The apology, however, did little to douse the anger of some of the passengers.

Alhaji Usman Bala, a passenger, told a NAN reporter also on the train, that he regretted taking the train, and that despite the high cost of tickets, the locomotive coaches were not being well maintained.

“This is typical of Nigeria. Nice idea, but no maintenance culture. I took this train hoping to meet a 1pm marriage ceremony. Now it is too late.

“I regret not taking a car. I would have been in Abuja now,” he said.

Another passenger Hajia Aisha Bature, also blamed the authorities in charge of the train, accusing them of diverting proceeds meant for servicing the coaches.

“Despite the high transport fare, look at what we’ve got for showing faith. Is this what I am paying N1, 300 to Abuja for?

“Look at it, no maintenance. Honestly, I am disappointed,” she lamented.

Mr Olukunmi Williams, also a passenger, said he was angry and uncomfortable because of the location where the train broke down which according to him was not safe and no alternative means of transport was available nearby.

“We are in the middle of a bush. We are not safe. Anything can happen. That is why I am very uncomfortable with this development. All I want now is to be where we are safe.

“It is not a crime if there is a breakdown, but our safety should not be compromised in the process. I am very disappointed. The train authorities have failed us,” he said.

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