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Breaking News: Nigerian leaders, citizens capable of ending killings – US


United States of America Ambassador to Nigeria, Stuart Symington, has said Nigerian leaders and citizens were capable of putting an end to the myriads of killings across the country.

Symington said if Nigerians were united across all regions, all occupations, and all faiths, ending the killings across the country would not be difficult to achieve.

Symington made the submission during the 242nd Independence Day celebration of the United State, on Tuesday, in Abuja.

Symington’s remarks came few days after close to 100 Nigerians were killed in Plateau State.

Symington said: “Nigeria’s leaders and citizens have it in their power to make this killing stop now, if you are united across all regions, all occupations, and all faiths.”

The United States envoy added: “When you act together with sincerity and high purpose and sustained effort, you will end this violence.

“This is not a goal, this is the cup itself. And it will mean the World for you to lift it high!”

The United States ambassador further said security that lasts depends on strong citizens who support each other and their governments.

According to Symington, “It is as much a product of trust, forged by opportunities shared and rules fairly enforced on level playing fields as it is the product of force wisely applied to answer threats.”

Speaking earlier, Symington said the United State is investing with Nigerians in a partnership for people, peace, and prosperity.

He added that together, “we are saving lives from disease, violence, and hunger.”

Symington continued, “Every single member of our great staff knows that our work matters. We measure our impact in lives.

“This is a nation of World Cup importance. This is the field; you are the players on it. There is no place with more at stake for the future of our World than NIGERIA.

“Every day, all across this land, we work with good people to save lives and bend upwards the curve of economic growth, so that real opportunity and hope will outpace need.

“But, far too often, we see the deaths of innocents whose hopes are stopped forever, by those whose awful acts reflect no good and serve no cause. These innocents must not be forgotten.”


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