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Breaking News: National Assembly siege – Pyrates demand prosecution of culprits


The National Association of Seadogs, Pyrates Confraternity, has demanded for the arrest and prosecution of those involved in the deployment and siege on the National Assembly by operatives of the Department of State Services (DSS).

In a terse press statement signed by the NAS Capoon, Kwaghbunde Gbahabo, Pyrates Confraternity declared that bringing the full weight of the law to bear on the masterminds is the only way to avoid a future occurrence.

“We commend the reported remedial actions of the Vice President; Professor Yemi Osibanjo as welcome news. What is left now is for government to dig deep, identify all those responsible for the orders for these blockades and bring them to account for their actions in accordance with the law. Holding the perpetrators accountable is imperative to forestalling future occurrence, especially, given that disruptions of this magnitude do not only send signals of instability to the global community but impact adversely on Nigeria’s market economy” he said.

According to him, Pyrates finds the deployment of operatives of DSS to the National Assembly “disquieting” noting that the “unfolding dramas demonstrate the desperation for power across the political divides and continues to feed the flames of a polity already consumed by impunity, endemic corruption and pervasive insecurity”

Ghababo who lamented that six months to the general elections, issues that borders on the myriad of socio-political and economic challenges bedevilling Nigeria take backseat, called on Nigerians to unite against our common enemies namely indiscipline, ethnicity, tribalism, nepotism and religion.

He further tasked Nigerians to unite and collaborate with Civil society groups in interrogating government policies and their impact on social and economic development to ensure that Nigeria is saved from the precipice.


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