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Breaking News: Governor Umahi proposes amnesty for looters


Governor David Umahi of Ebonyi State, on Monday, proposed amnesty for past leaders who allegedly looted the country’s treasury while in office.

He said the approach, if implemented would go a long way in the recovery of funds.

Umahi made the proposal while declaring opened the anti corruption, ethics and integrity training for Ebonyi State local government officials by the Anti-Corruption Academy of Nigeria (ACAN) in Abakaliki. He lamented that wrong approach to the fight against corruption had been the bane of under development in the country.

The governor commended the federal government for their efforts in the area of fight against corruption and warned that the anti graft agencies must purge themselves of all political manipulations for the fight to be effective.

He advocated amnesty for those who have looted the treasury of the country to be able to recover the funds, adding that the approach of the anti corruption agencies had sent so many corrupt persons into hiding with their loot and in some cases, led to the loss of the funds to both the Federal Government and looters.

“We have so much of the looted funds trapped in foreign banks, some buried at the cemetery, while many were buried underground where they were destroyed by termites, but, if there is a negotiation like committing the looters into subtly surrendering at least 70 per cent of the looted funds and keeping the rest or investing all the funds in the country, by so doing, we would have recovered the money and made use of it,” he said.


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