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Breaking News: Ex-Minister Ezekwesili – Nigeria denied greatness by leaders


Former minister of education, Dr. Oby Ezekwesili, has accused political leaders of denying Nigeria the opportunity to grow its socio-economic and political systems.

She said the political elite have failed to implement policies and programmes that ought to have heralded equal opportunities for Nigerians to realise their potentials.

Dr. Ezekwesili, in her speech at the Summit of The Alternative (SOTA), held in Abuja, yesterday, consciously reawakened the mindset and unique personalities in Nigerian youths, to rise and leverage on the forthcoming political season to displace unpatriotic people in the political corridor.

The summit was a gathering of younger Nigerians, entrepreneurs, young political aspirants and other political leaders who were gathered to chart a course for a new political leadership in the country.

She said Nigerians are tired of “incompetent” political leadership that had succeeded in enriching themselves, instead of the country.

Ezekwesili was emphatic and convinced that the summit would expose Nigerian youths to the level of decadence and incompetence in the political leadership, which, she said, had resulted in slow pace of development in the country.

Keynote speaker, Prof. Patrick Lumumba, who delivered his address, via teleconference call from Kenya, expressed disappointment that Nigeria, in spite of the greatness of its people and resources. is still among countries with high poverty indices.


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