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Breaking News: Ex-Governor Bafarawa backs calls for restructuring


Alhaji Attahiru Bafarawa, former Governor of Sokoto State, has thrown his weight behind the calls for the restructuring of the country.

Yusuf Abubakar, Director, Media and Publicity, Bafarawa Campaign Organisation, in a statement on Thursday in Abuja, quoted Bafarawa as saying that restructuring would enhance Nigeria’s unity and progress.

Bafarawa said that the agitation for restructuring was born out of dissatisfaction with the current structure of the country.

“I support the call for restructuring in totality; a lot of Nigerians are divided by the way the country is being run by the present administration.

“We need to be more united than divided,’’ the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) presidential aspirant said.

On his presidential aspiration, the former governor said that he believed he was the most qualified person to fly the PDP flag in 2019 presidential election going by his credentials.

He said that he had being in politics for 40 years.

According to Bafarawa, his entry into the presidential race is not a do-or-die affair.

The presidential hopeful said that he was in the race to tackle insecurity and restore confidence in governance.

He called on Nigerians to support one another by bringing unity and polititical cohesion toward ensuring a political stability in the country.

Bafarawa said that issues of security should be treated collectively instead of being left for the government alone.


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