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Breaking News: EU provides €12 million quality infrastructure in Nigeria


European Union (EU) has provided 12 million euros for the implementation of National Quality Infrastructure in Nigeria.

Chief Executive Officer of Nigeria National Accreditation Service (NiNAS), Celestine Okanya, who announced this at the weekend in Abuja during the commemoration of World Accreditation Day 2018, said the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO) was implementing the project.

NiNAS is the accreditation body that provides credible and cost effective accreditation services with international recognition in Nigeria.

It also provides a variety of accreditation services to Conformity Assessment Bodies (CABs), in accordance with standards published by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO).

According to Okanya, accreditation plays vital role in the lives of people and national economy, adding that the EU and UNIDO have made huge investments in the establishment of NiNAS in the country.

Therefore, he affirmed the commitment of NiNAS in using accreditation as a tool to ensuring safety in workplaces, safe food, transport and products as well as ensuring that the environment is protected.

“NiNAS is using this medium to affirm our commitment on using accreditation as a tool to ensure safety, health, economic growth of our people while ensuring that our environment is protected,” he stated.

He revealed that the organisation had carried out accreditation assessments of 14 laboratories across the country.

According to him, “Within the past three months, NiNAS has successfully carried out accreditation assessments of 14 laboratories nationwide; the first accreditation certificate was issued to a calibration laboratory in Abuja, the rest are still undergoing rigorous but rewarding process of accreditation and decision will be made on them as soon as it completed.”

In his remarks on the occasion, Jean Bakole, UNIDO Representative to ECOWAS and Regional Director, Nigeria Regional Office, said many organisations in Nigeria check compliance with food and water safety, including cleanliness standards through testing, calibration, inspection and certifications services.

Bakole explained further that accreditation service from NiNAS was complimentary tool that assures that these organisations were credible and reliable.


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