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Breaking News: Donald Trump to meet the Queen on UK visit


Donald Trump will meet the Queen when he visits the UK next month, according to reports.

Originally the US president was invited for a full state visit but after an outcry, it was downgraded to a working visit.

However, the US ambassador to the UK has told Sky News that a meeting with the Queen has been scheduled in.

Trump will be visiting Britain for the first time since becoming president on Friday 13 July.

Ambassador Robert Wood Johnson was asked whether Trump’s itinerary would include seeing the Queen.

He replied: “Yes, yes, I mean he has to see the head of state. Putting his foot on British soil, it’s job one, it’s very important, very symbolic.

“Meeting Her Majesty is the most important thing, because she’s the head of state, and from then on, it’ll be what the president wants to do.”


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