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Breaking News: Does Wenger actually want Arsenal to finish below Burnley


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Thirteen. The amount of points we’ve won away. Arsenal throw away the lead again. Honestly I don’t think there’s anything that hasn’t been said already.

We were plain garbage. We had so much pointless possession, yet when they had nothing, Mustafi was to the rescue to gift them the ball in front our box so that we make sure we lose.

But Cech didn’t fail to not make a save when the ball is coming to his near post. Why on Earth are we playing these players? How many mistakes before they are punished?

We’ll play Atletico Madrid soon and boy, we will be wrecked! You see people, instead of calling me negative, drop the Wenger glasses and analyse our performances. We scraped by CSKA when we should have been cruising. The results against Stoke and Southampton and Watford didn’t really tell the whole story of those games.

We’ve been utterly useless all season, especially away from home. We lost the lead against Watford, Swansea, Bournemouth and now Newcastle. Those 12 points alone would be been putting us in a fight for 4th.

Blame it on whatever you want, I think we’ll finish behind Burnley in 7th, because this team obviously cannot defend and the manager thinks that when you are an offensive team, you don’t have to.

Beating Atletico would be a miracle! The two games sandwich an away trip to Man United. Mourinho would love to help Wenger get the sack and I’d love to see Wenger SACKED. In the ugliest way possible. Without a warning, without respect.

He has ruined us. He showed his ‘love’ for the club, but running us down to the ground with excuses, repetitive mistakes, inability to change, lack of desire, ability and ambition. He has disrespected the fans more than anything else and the empty Emirates seats are 100% his and his fault only!

The moment we concede, we look like we’ve never played together, but soon enough everything will be clear. Wenger will have destroyed everything he has in less than a month and if he stays for another year…

I can’t believe it. I cannot find any logic to keep the old deluded muppet in charge. I hope Gazidis is watching the ‘overachieving’ of the squad. The summer cannot come soon enough!


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