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Breaking News: Chelsea set to keep up scoring, even with Alvaro Morata not firing


The Blues next game is against Cardiff in two weeks time, and Chelsea are strong favourites to win the match even if it’s a long way off.

The odds on the game by NetBet Sport reflect that. According to them, Chelsea’s chances of scoring was quoted over 2.5 goals at 1.83 and, while there was exactly same odds for the under.

What this mean is that the Blues are likely to score 3 goals as 2, and also they are more possibly to get 3 goals than just one.

This odds by the NetBet looks like a smart bet, owing to the fact that Chelsea have scored at least two goals in each game so far.

But the question is, against Cardiff, could the floodgates really open. The appeared totally lost and looked like schoolboy defenders on the big stage at time against Arsenal.

Based on the kind of form Eden Hazard and Pedro are presently in, Chelsea could score as many goals as possible if goal shy Alvaro Morata finally finds his shooting boots.

If all the players come back from international break without injuries, Chelsea are likely to score 4 or more goals is at more than 3/1.


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