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Breaking News: Police officer changed name to Islamic and got promoted


Have you seen the plans of the Caliphates,to islamize everyone in this godforsaken entity called Nigeria! She received this appointment based on the muslim name she adopted ‘Abdallah’ is that name!

Now tell me, if we continue with this, changing our names from indigenous name to muslim names in order to get appointments from federal government, what happens to the next 10 generations to come? By then all Biafran names will be replaced with Islamic name thereby wiping away our true identity then islamization will settle comfortably!
Say no to islamization and join hands to restore Biafra quick.

“”””””Appointment Well Deserved “””” .

Attention : Ebonyi State Youth Council
The General Public….

Onitsha-born Peace Ibekwe Abdallah has been announced the new Assistant Inspector General of Police. Until her appointment, she was the Ebonyi State Commissioner of Police.

Accept our warm-hearted Congratulations!

We all in Ebonyi State Youth Council here celebrate with you in this great achievement….. Glory to God!

Published by:
Media and Publicity Team,
Ebonyi State Youth Council,
Ebonyi State.

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