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Breaking News: Antonio Conte has one piece of good news for Chelsea fans from tense press conference


Antonio Conte has been speaking in his usual press conference ahead of this season’s final Premier League game against Newcastle, and while it was an overall rather tense affair, there was at least some good news with the FA Cup final on the horizon.

Thibaut Courtois missed the game in midweek against Huddersfield with a sudden injury, and the Blues paid the price as his replacement Willy Caballero got caught in a massive mixup to let the Terriers score their opening goal.

The good news is that Conte said that he expected Courtois to return for this weekend’s game.

Even if he’s not fit this week, it sounds certain he will be back for the FA Cup final against Manchester United next Saturday at the very least.

That was about as interesting as the presser got, as a rather pissed off looking Conte answered endless questions about his future which he straight-batted back at the assembled journos.


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