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Breaking News: Antonio Conte blames two things for Chelsea’s poor results against weaker teams


Antonio Conte today gave his reasons for why his team had dropped so many points this season compared to last.

Asked why the team has dropped points against some of the lower ranked teams in the division, like Burnley, Bournemouth, Watford and Huddersfield, Conte had problem with the question, and admitted it was true.

He used the Huddersfield game as an example, pointing out that Chelsea had “dominated” the game but just hand’t scored their chances.

His other reason, although he claimed he “didn’t like” to use it, was bad luck. He asked the journalists to think back over the past few matches and consider the bad luck the team had had in those games.

It’s hardly a convincing set of excuses, although there is truth in both of them. While it’s his job to set the team up, there’s no doubting that his players have missed all too many chances in games against easier opposition this season. There has also been some bad luck, in the form of injuries and refereeing mistakes.


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