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Breaking News: Abuja tremor – No likelihood of earthquake – FEMA


The federal capital territory emergency management agency (FEMA) says the residents of Abuja have nothing to fear over the earth shaking recorded in some areas of the state.

The Mpape and Maitama districts of Abuja experienced some vibrations in the earth Wednesday evening and Thursday morning, causing panic among the residents.

FEMA, in a statement from the office of its director general, said the “possible cause” of the earth shaking “might be as a result of earth tremor”.

The agency said the shaking is caused by stress in underground rocks resulting from human activities including blasting and mining of rocks.

While it noted that the situation is “abnormal”, it said there is no cause for alarm “as we are not in earthquake zone”.

“We have been inundated with distress calls in our watch room as a result of earth shaking happening around Mpape and part of Maitama district of the federal capital territory,” the statement read.

“Whilst appreciating the call from the public, the FCT emergency management agency (FEMA) wish to make the following statements;

“That the possible cause of the earth shaking might be as a result of earth tremor.

“That it is a sign of seismic movement within the earth. This is caused by sudden break along a fault line which results in sudden release of energy that makes the ground to shake.

“It is caused by stress in underground rocks and may be due to rock blasting and mining activities in an area.

“The residents are to note that there is nothing to panic s there is no likelihood of any earthquake disaster in Nigeria as we are not in earthquake zone.

“Therefore, we are urging all residents to calm down and be rest assured that the abnormal situation will soon stop.

The agency further gave out safety tips to be observed during such occurrences to avoid a disaster.

“Calm and do not panic. If you stay in a building, locate a safe room, drop down and take cover under desk or table and hold tight on it. You should stay away from windows and objects that may fall.

“If you are outdoors, find a clean spot away from buildings, trees and powerlines. If you are in a car, slow down and drive to a clean place, stay in the car until the shaking stops.”


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