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Breaking news: 5 reasons why Barcelona fans hate Real Madrid


5 reasons why Barca fans despise their bitter rivals

Real Madrid v Club Atletico de Madrid - UEFA Champions League Final
Real is the most dominant force in UCL history

Real Madrid is not only the richest club in the world but also the most popular and successful club of all time. Los Blancos are known for their records of winning trophies, expensive transfers and all the renowned players who have played for the club.

Despite all this facts, there is one side who will never agree with this. The Blaugrana are known for hating their arch-rivals with passion, and they have good reasons to do so. The history between the clubs isn’t just limited to football but goes way beyond the sport.

That being said, let’s have a look at 5 reasons why Barcelona fans hate Real Madrid.

#5 Real Madrid have poached some of Barcelona’s best players

Luis Figo
Luis Figo was poached by Real Madrid

Real Madrid are well-known for robbing clubs of their best players and Barcelona have been a victim of their policy many times.

Los Blancos have poached some of Barcelona’s best players which include Bernd Schuster, Michael Laudrup, Luis Milla, Luis Figo and Javier Saviola.

In comparison to this fact, only two players have transferred directly from Real Madrid to Barcelona (Lucien Muller and Luis Enrique).

In addition to this, they have also reportedly made three attempts to sign Lionel Messi. One good reason enough for the Barca fans to hate Real Madrid, don’t you think?

#4 The Clasico controversies

Real Madrid CF v FC Barcelona  - Liga BBVA
Real Madrid CF v FC Barcelona has been a heated affair in the past

The constant fall outs between Real Madrid and Barcelona on the pitch is one of the reasons that make el Clasico an exciting affair. The match has witnessed some of the ugliest brawls in the past, although it is played calmly nowadays.

When playing against their fierce rivals, Los Blancos have been frustrated a couple of times due to Barcelona’s dominating style of play.

They have reverted to a rash style of play after being outplayed by La Blaugrana, resulting in a number of touchline brawls, heated arguments and controversies.

Of all the players to face the wrath of their horrific tackling, none has a better experience than Lionel Messi, who has been clobbered by the likes of Ramos and Pepe. Yet, the Argentinian has emerged majorly as the victor every time when he duels with either of the two defenders.

The following video will testify how Real Madrid play their role as the initiators of various fights, utterly disgusting the Barca fans in the process.

#3 Most La Liga and UEFA Champions League titles

Real Madrid Celebrate Winning La Liga
Real Madrid Celebrate Winning La Liga

The Kings of the Bernabeu have managed to win the Spanish title 33 times which itself is a historical record in Spain. From 1961 to 1980, Los Blancos dominated the Spanish first division completely, winning the title 14 times.

John Cruyff brought Barcelona into the picture in 1974 & managed to break the dominance of Real Madrid. La Blaugrana have so far won the title 24 times.

Isn’t that enough for Barca fans to despise their bitter rivals, considering how many more years it will take for them to equal Real Madrid in this area?

Madrid also has a stronghold on the UEFA Champions League as the club with the most number of UCL/European Cup titles (12 trophies).

Meanwhile, Barcelona have clinched the famous European title only 5 times, standing 4th on the list of the all-time winners.

Also, their recent success in the tournament (3 titles in 4 years) is more than enough for rival supporters to be envious of them.

#2 Real Madrid is richer than Barcelona

Real Madrid Celebrate After They Win Champions League Final
The BBC celebrating the Champions League

No doubt Manchester United are currently the richest club in world football according to the Forbes magazine. They are followed by Barcelona and Real Madrid, but surely that shouldn’t be a disappointment for the Madrid fans.

Barcelona might be second on the rich-list, but that’s the highest position they have ever achieved since the magazine started releasing this list in 2007.

Real Madrid have finished as the richest club 4 times in a row for the past 4 years. Enough to prove which club has the better financial muscle, isn’t it?

According to the report compiled by the Sports Business Institute, Real Madrid have outclassed Barcelona in the revenues department from 2003 to 2015, earning considerably higher than their fierce rivals.

In 2016 Madrid accumulated a wealth of €129 million in contrast to Barcelona’s €121.4 million from match-day revenues. They also beat Barcelona in terms of broadcast revenues, earning €227.7 million in comparison to their rivals’ €207.7 million. But Barcelona emerged as better earners by a minimal margin in the overall revenue (Barca – €620.2 million, Real Madrid – €620.1million)

#1 The political history

Francisco Franco
Francisco Franco favoured Madrid over Barcelona

Not like many rivalries, the animosity between Barcelona and Real Madrid goes way beyond a football pitch.

Stretching back to the Spanish civil war that took place from 1936 to 1939, General Fransisco Franco favoured Real Madrid over Barcelona because the latter stood against his values and principles.

The Catalans represented federalism, republicanism and communism in contrast to the dictator’s fascist nationalism.

Also, the hatred took a turn for the worse when Barcelona lost 11-1 to Real Madrid in the 2nd leg of a Copa Del Rey tie. They had grabbed a 3-0 victory but were warned by Franco against winning the next game and hence the result.

That isn’t all. Real Madrid legend Alfredo Di Stefano was initially destined for Barcelona but wasn’t allowed to do so, due to interruption by the Spanish officials.

The rules were bent in Madrid’s favour and he ended up at the Bernabeu instead of the Nou Camp.

The political history between the two cities clearly shows how the Catalans have faced injustice at the hands of rulers.

As a result, the despicable nature has crept its way into football, becoming perhaps the most crucial reason why the Barca faithful loathe los Merengues.


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