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Breaking news: 3 reasons Arsenal will KILL CSKA Moscow tonight!


We explain why Arsenal will gun-down the side from Russia.

The Arsenal side look in high spirits before their Europa League engagements.

We’ve had enough of this shiite already Arsenal Football Club! Can we be done with all the uncertainty and pessimism and get back to the roots of the club and just come out and play some scintillating football. For the love of God? Or football? Whichever matters to you more..


#3 Arsenal have four wins on the trot

Lacazette brought his 13-game goal-drought to an end against Stoke City.

When the team laid out the red carpet for the two newcomers – Aubameyang and Mikhitaryan – with a 5-1 demolition of Everton, even the most skeptical Arsenal fan let himself dream just a little.

However, what followed was a cruel reminder of why the average Arsenal fan has grown up to become a skeptic.

Arsenal lost 2 out of their next 3 games against Spurs and Östersund – absolute minnows from the Swedish League (Who even knew about there being a league in Sweden!?) – and the Gunners couldn’t comprehend which one was more humiliating.

The humiliation didn’t end there as the North London side went on to lose the EFL Cup final, in a horrendous display of apathy by the players, against Manchester City. A repeat of the same on home-turf followed that performance before the Gunners were out-gunned by mother-f***ingBrighton in their next game!

Fortunes have mercifully seen an uptick since and the Gunners have managed to stitch together a run of four wins on the trot, including a two-legged humbling of the Rossoneri in this exact competition.

So who the hell are CSKA to stand a chance? They’re no Östersund for certain.

#2 Mkhitaryan will recreate some of that Dortmund magic

The Arm
The Armenian provided for the Gabonese on his debut against Everton.

Lately it seems like the chips are finally failing where they were supposed to right at the start of the year.

The entry of the Gabon international sent a wave of unhindered joy through the Arsenal faithful. We’d long forgotten the exit of a certain Chilean and then a Frenchman. Who cared!

We’d just landed one of the most prolific strikers still playing the game. We’d just landed Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang!

How about that! Arsenal Football Club spending money on world class talent who are already considered world-class? Not like when we got Sanchez when he was relatively still making a name for himself or wasn’t such a big deal as he has become after his spell in London.

And to add to the party, we got Henrick bloody Mkhitaryan. How long has Arsene been trying to land the man and finally, despite the unfortunate circumstances of his arrival, the Frenchman had finally got his man.

And the magic that the two so memorably created whilst in Germany seems to be just around the corner. The African footballer of the year in 2015 recently scored a brace in their League outing against Stoke and even gave up a chance at getting the hat-trick by letting Lacazette get some confidence under his belt by putting away the spot-kick.

The Armenian on the other hand has already taken his tally for assists in the season upto 9 already. That is better than Pogba, Eriksen, Fabregas, Mahrez and even his teammate Ozil have managed so far.

Keep an eye out for Henrick Mkhitaryan to play in his teammates to devastating effect for the Gunners tonight!

#1 “We’ve got Ozil! Mesut Ozil! I just don’t think you understand…”

Keep calm
Keep calm and let Mesut – Ozil

The best in his position, no one carries the tag of the perfect playmaker more perfectly and more consistently than the German. A mercurial talent, with the ability to oscillate between the ordinary and the magnificent, Mesut Ozil is the jig-saw that completes the puzzle by elegantly dropping into whatever space is available – always manoeuvring, always probin.

The German recently reached a milestone that sees him sit pretty above the likes of Cantona, Henry, Bergkamp, Fabregas, David Silva and David Beckham as he became the quickest to reach 50 assists in the Premier League’s history.

No reason why he can’t carry on the same form in Europe against decidedly much weaker opposition in CSKA Moscow. He is after all among the very best when it comes to “creating”.

And boy some of the memories he has created will last you two lifetimes. We’re pegging the German to come up with an absolute peach tonight. Stay tuned!


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