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Boris Johnson becomes PM: Live blog



Macron to cut 15K public sector jobs, far less than promised

Back in 2017, the French president had announced a target of 50K job cuts in state public services by the end of his mandate.

Martin Selmayr’s new job: The EU’s man in Vienna

European Commission’s most powerful civil servant will become chief representative in Austria.

Theresa May’s bad days (and a few good ones)

A look back at the best and worst moments of the outgoing PM’s reign.

Ukraine’s power liberalization showcases its European aspiration

Ukraine’s electricity market liberalization will boost trade with Europe, enhance competition and make the country more energy independent

Time for Ukraine’s comedian president to get serious

Volodymyr Zelenskiy has to move fast to make good on his pledge to throw out status quo.

Why Europe can’t stop laughing at Boris Johnson

Next PM’s biggest challenge in dealing with the EU will be to prove there’s more to him than being a clown.

Trump praises Boris Johnson as the ‘Britain Trump’

Earlier, Johnson clinched victory in the Tory party leadership contest — and is set to be Britain’s new prime minister.

Boris Johnson becomes PM: Live blog

Former London mayor and foreign secretary replaces Theresa May in the top job.

Juncker congratulates Johnson on becoming PM (a day early)

Commission chief sends letter to new Conservative leader.

Spain’s Sánchez fails in first vote on new PM

Another vote is scheduled for Thursday.

Trump: Boris Johnson ‘will be great’ as British PM

The former London mayor and foreign secretary is ‘a very good guy, a very talented person.’

Ivanka Trump congratulates Boris Johnson on becoming PM of … Jamaica!

President’s daughter sends support to next UK leader.

Trump’s silent spokeswoman

In one of the most fiery months of the Trump presidency, the new press secretary has had very little to say.

Trump’s UN nominee was out of Canada for half her days as ambassador

Kelly Craft’s absences included 60 personal days and the equivalent of seven months in places where she had homes, Democrats say.

Flash forward to Boris Britain

It’s 2029 and the UK is marking 10 years of Brexit.

Trump: I could win Afghanistan war ‘in a week’

The US president predicts that Pakistan would ‘help us out to extricate ourselves’ from Afghanistan.

Mike Pompeo: UK must look after its own ships

‘The United States has a responsibility to do our part but the world’s got a big role in this too.’

Sánchez’s plea: Make me PM again

Spanish Socialist leader is negotiating a deal with the far left that would keep him in power.

Pompeo suggests Iran may be lying about arrests of CIA spies

The Islamic Republic ‘has a long history of lying,’ says US secretary of state.

The Russian trolling Putin

Tweeting as ‘Stalingulag’ wheelchair-bound Alexander Gorbunov is one of the Kremlin’s fiercest critics.

Comedian-turned-president wins again in Ukraine

Volodymyr Zelenskiy’s party scores big in snap parliamentary election.

MSF to resume Mediterranean migrant rescue operations

NGO had suspended operations in December.

Spanish Socialists ‘convinced’ deal on new government possible

Failure to reach agreement could trigger new election.

US to send troops to Saudi Arabia amid Iran tensions

Deployment to protect from ’emergent, credible threats,’ Pentagon said.

Paris, London, Berlin call on Tehran to release British oil tanker

UK warns of ‘serious consequences’ over seized ship.

How Trump changed after Charlottesville

The US president used to seem rattled when people called him a racist. Not anymore.

World’s cartoonists on this week’s events

Drawing the top stories around the globe.

Italy’s coalition parties backtrack on government breakup

Interior Minister Matteo Salvini this week hinted that it was time to call a snap election.

Merkel criticizes Trump attacks on congresswomen

German leader says she feels ‘solidarity’ with targets of US president’s comments.

Von der Leyen’s tough (gender) balancing act

Capitals defy president-elect with a slew of male nominees to be European commissioners.

Italian government fractures over von der Leyen

Tensions between League and 5Stars rise over election of Commission president. 

US drone attack imperils Trump’s Iran outreach

The US president is trying to entice Iran to the negotiating table to discuss its nuclear program.

Von der Leyen rows back on ‘United States of Europe’

The Commission president-elect also extends an olive branch to Eastern and Central European countries in an interview.

Polish ex-PM loses out as MEPs end standoff over top post

Beata Szydło won’t run employment committee, but the chair goes to a fellow EU-critical lawmaker.

Prague mayor’s feud with China risks boiling over

Mayor Zdeněk Hřib’s stance on Tibet and Taiwan has irritated Beijing.

Commission spokesperson nominated as next Greek European commissioner

Margaritis Schinas has been a fixture of the Brussels policymaking scene for nearly 3 decades.

Shell CEO: EU should adopt net zero emissions target for 2050

The European Commission’s net zero proposal remains blocked by four EU countries. Ben van Beurden says he hopes there can be agreement on the issue soon.

Inside Ursula von der Leyen’s inbox

Madam President-elect, you’ve got mail.

Down and out in Paris, London and the rest of Europe

Homelessness is on the rise nearly everywhere on the Continent.

Don’t underestimate Ursula

New Commission president has more going for her than her critics admit.

To help the homeless, close a shelter

Radical Finnish program shows results.

Merkel launches operation AKK — again

First they took Brussels, then they took Berlin: German Frauenpower leaves the political class gobsmacked.

Inside the race to end homelessness in Manchester

Andy Burnham is trying to prevent people from dying on the streets.

Polish judicial reform tested by both Commission and ECHR

A new system for disciplining judges ‘undermines’ their judicial independence, the Commission says.

EU Commission unveils new measures to protect rule of law

Brussels has struggled to address concerns of democratic backsliding in some of its member countries.

Silicon Valley weathers US siege amid widening backlash

Despite allegations and threats of probes, US tech companies still maintain a major advantage in Washington.

Trump’s new EU foil: Another ‘strong female German leader’

Ursula von der Leyen wins plaudits from US national security officials, but even some of her fans worry her ascent will further fray the tenuous US-EU relationship.

3 formally charged over murder of Maltese journalist

Daphne Caruana Galizia was killed in a car bomb attack in 2017.

Ursula von der Leyen’s narrowly won homecoming

Commission president-elect has big plans for this summer.

German CDU chief to replace von der Leyen as defense minister

Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer will reportedly take on the position on Wednesday.

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