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Boko Haram(Terrorist) Founder’s Son And Notorious ISWAP Leader Al-Barnawi Killed


The horrible head of the Islamic State West Africa Province (ISWAP), Abu Musab Al-Barnawi has been apparently killed in Borno State.

It was accumulated from numerous sources that the feared ISWAP pioneer was killed somewhat recently of August, this year.

How Al-Barnawi was killed


As per DailyTrust, there are two rendition on how the infamous psychological militants was killed.

One adaptation asserted he was killed by Nigerian fighters while the subsequent variant guaranteed that his demise was because of interior competition in ISWAP.

A source uncovered that the ISWAP pioneer was killed during a snare by troops which likewise killed four or five top ISWAP pioneers and many foot fear mongers faithful to him.

The source said he was killed around Bula Yobe, a local area close to the Borno/Yobe states line along Mobbar and Abadam pivot that prompts the Lake Chad region.

Be that as it may, an alternate source said the Bula Yobe where he was trapped and killed could be gotten to from Yale, Bama, Banki intersection through the Kashimbri-Gulumba.

Different sources uncovered that it was administration tussle that prompted the demise of Al-Barnawi.

One of them said the clash of matchless quality peaked between August 14 and 26, 2021, and that the battle had guaranteed numerous administrators on the two sides.

However, another source said the other camp had assembled a few psychological militants from Central Africa to oust Al-Barnawi and they succeeded.

Review that in May 2021 ISWAP Fighters had occupied with a wild fight with Boko Haram pioneer Abubakar Shekau at the Sambisa timberland that prompted his demise.

At the point when reached yesterday, the Director, Defense Information, Maj.- Gen. Benjamin Sawyer, revealed to DailyTrust that he was unable to affirm when Al-Barnawi was killed on the grounds that troops had no connection with them.

He said, “In case there is an issue in their (Boko Haram) camp, how might I know? We regularly have a fortnightly concise on tasks. On the off chance that ISWAP or BHTs are battling among themselves, it is the media that consistently gives the whole country the data. It isn’t us, since we are not in their camps.”

Al-Barnawi’s rule

Al-Barnawi was the child of Boko Haram originator, Mohammed Yusuf who was additionally killed by security powers in 2009.

In 2016, the Islamic State (IS) aggressor bunch reported Al-Barnawi as the head of its West African offshoot, Boko Haram, which was until now driven by Abubakar Shekau.

Shekau took over as the gathering’s chief after the demise of Mohammed Yusuf.

Prior to his deposing, Shekau had sworn faithfulness to IS in March 2015 and had killed a huge number of individuals and obliterated endless networks during his rule of fear that reached out up to Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory (FCT).

His dislodgement in 2016 proclaimed the ascent of the somewhat youthful Al-Barnawi as ISWAP pioneer and simultaneously, the split of the psychological oppressor bunch into two groups.

Shekau, who was announced needed by the United States with a cost on his head, had driven the Boko Haram group with strong balance around the Sambisa timberland and part of the Mandara Mountains lining the Cameroon Republic.

Then again, Al-Barnawi supported horrendous assaults particularly on military offices and troops in the Lake Chad locale while simultaneously strategising on the best way to curb Shekau.

He controlled enormous wraps of an area in Northern Borno, forced expenses on the nearby populace and acquired genuine pay from fishing asides from the monetary and material help he got from ISIS.

Al-Barnawi’s warriors had likewise obliterated numerous tactical super camps in Dikwa, Monguno, Abadam and Marte in Borno; and other military offices around Geidam in Yobe State.

He similarly settled numerous cells on the Lake Chad islands and encompassing towns from where his warriors dispatched assaults on Nigeria, Niger and Chad.

Al-Barnawi’s accounted for death comes under two months after the passing of Shekau.

The ISWAP pioneer had in a sound delivered in Kanuri language affirmed the passing of Shekau and the victory of his group.

He said: “He (Shekau) never figured this would happen to him even in his fantasy, however by the force of God, we undermined him.

“He became befuddled and escaped to the woods where he went through five days, meandering and abandoned. We followed him again where we confronted him with weighty fire. He fled.

“Then, at that point our soldiers approached him to give up so he would be rebuffed. We continued guaranteeing him that we were not out to kill him however he was determined and befuddled. As an irritable individual, he trusted it was preferable for him to pass on over to give up.”

Shekau allegedly committed suicide with a bomb “When he saw that the ISWAP contenders needed to catch him alive.”

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