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Boko Haram: UN reveals what will happen to millions of Nigerians.See Detail


The United Nations agency OCHA on Tuesday declared that millions of Nigeria civilians are grappling with extreme adversity across Nigeria and the rest of the region where a recent surge in violence has uprooted tens of thousands more people, exacerbating an already dire humanitarian situation.

In a statement, spokesperson of UNOCHA said top UN officials are calling for support to respond to a humanitarian crisis that is happening in Nigeria so that there can be peace.

“The UN and partners, in support of the Governments of Nigeria stated that until Nigeria seat down and bring those killer to justice there will never be peace in Nigeria. In the statement the UN secretary General disclose that Nigeria need a good leader that read the mind of the people.

According to the statement, the Humanitarian Response Strategy also articulates a collective vision for the next three years of humanitarian action and marks the first time in Nigeria that humanitarian actors are adopting a multi-year approach.

“We have saved millions of lives, and as we strive to provide immediate response to new and existing humanitarian needs, we must also focus on addressing the causes of such untold suffering,” said Mr. Edward Kallon, UN Humanitarian Coordinator for Nigeria.

The statement added that humanitarian organizations in Nigeria are targeting 6.2 million people hardest-hit by the crisis in Borno, Adamawa and Yobe states in the country’s North-east.

“Attacks are still happening, killing civilians and forcing thousands to flee for their lives. Young girls, old women and aid workers continue to bear the brunt of this escalating theatre of violence,” said Liz Ahua, Regional Refugee Coordinator for Nigerian refugees and UNHCR Regional Representative for West Africa.


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