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BIAFRA:We’re not unknown gunmen,FG are frantically searching for how to implicate IPOB and ESN -IPOB


Native People of Biafra (IPOB) has denied the theories getting out and about by individuals and security organizations that they are the disputable ‘obscure shooters’.

IPOB representative, Emma Powerful, in a proclamation, yesterday, likewise denied the case by the security powers that its gathering has, up until now, killed 128 security staff in Imo State.

Amazing noticed that the explanation by the security bosses in the State was created, yet strange and illogical.

“How should IPOB that isn’t outfitted murder upwards of 128 security faculty in one state. What a strange and crazy case. This is only one of the jokes of our oppressors to discolor our worldwide standing and prepare public compassion. They additionally need to utilize it as a distraction to legitimize their further crackdown on IPOB and its individuals,” Powerful guaranteed.

He proceeded: “It will be fundamental, once more, to explain that IPOB isn’t and ought not be taken for ‘obscure shooters’ that have been allegedly having issues with security organizations in pieces of the country, particularly the dead Eastern Nigeria. IPOB ought not be considered liable for the exercises of a gathering not appointed by us.

“Critically, the Eastern Security Network set up in December 2020 has no relationship, at all, with the obscure shooters. ESN was an offspring of condition set up to oppose the executioner herders rampaging our networks. ESN agents are in the backwoods where they are keeping their meetings with those attacking our tribal land.

“We, in this manner, wish to tell the world that neither IPOB nor ESN is engaged with any assault against security staff in Imo or any piece of the country. The Nigerian Army and other security organizations are just frantically searching for how to implicate IPOB and ESN, to legitimize their proceeded with extra-legal killings of our individuals.”

The gathering, nonetheless, repeated that IPOB didn’t murder any security work force in Imo or any state.


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