Business is booming.

Biafra:The fight for freedom is not by war,but its by Wisdom. Biafra will come as a result of wisdom.—Nnamdi kanu


Its not by war for Biafra freedom. I have seen a lot of people that fight for freedom despite what they come across. Nigeria government need to open up. For Nigeria to let Biafra go is become to them bcs if they do they mis-alot from them.

Even if it where a virus the treatment is more effective. The only thing I am not afraid is because the truth must be know one and Biafra freedom will come to stay.

Gradually Biafra is gaining international recognization all over their world.

I can never quite this race I must see the end.nothing good come easy you must fight before victory will come and I am ready for the battle to the very end.

I am assuring all biafran there is no need of going back.


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