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‘BIAFRAN Boys’ are responsible for my attempted mob – CCT Chairman


The Chairman Code of Conduct Tribunal, Umar Danladi found in a viral video attacking a security man at Banex Plaza, Abuja has reacted with his own variant of what unfolded.

Reacting through Ibraheem Al-Hassan, Head Press and Public Relations, CCT HQ, he credited the tumult to the discourteous idea of the safety officer.

“Our consideration was drawn on a report from some online distribution with a video bluff recommending Hon Chairman, Justice Danladi Y. Umar attacked a Security Guard at Banex Plaza.”

“Most importantly, the said court has been his typical spot of visits for as long as 18 years for shopping and fixes of his telephones, and taking all things together these periods there have never been any time he had any strife with anyone.”

“Shockingly, the previous fights began once again a parking area, which Chairman met empty and it was straightforwardly inverse a shop he needs to make a buy and to fixe his telephone when the youthful Security monitor located him, he requested that Chairman ought not pack his vehicle in that specific void space, yet Chairman inquired as to why, the safety officer couldn’t persuade director, however Chairman didn’t distinguish himself, on the grounds that to him is unnecessary and is a spot he visited regularly, yet the kid was inconsiderate in his drawn closer and take steps to manage Chairman in the event that he will not leave the scene.”

“Once more, if Chairman experienced gone there to cause difficulty or threaten somebody, as proposed in the report, he would have gone there in his full authority stuff, yet he went there alone with his more youthful sibling.”

“The Policemen found in the video precipice were not the Chairman’s police group, they were police officers working around the court who from the start example mediated before the appearance of police group from Maitama Police station.

As the couple of cops in the complex were evidently overpowered by the hordes, comprising of BIAFRAN young men tossing matches and shape objects at his vehicle, which prompted a profound cut and disengagement in one of his fingers, making harm his vehicle, crushing his windscreen.”

“At a point, he endeavored to leave the scene, these equivalent lowlifes, BIAFRAN kid requested for the conclusion of the door in this way attacking him before the appearance of police group from Maitama police headquarters.”

“An occurrence like this when it occurred, compassion generally goes to the low characters. In spite of the fact that is grievous as I said, it should not to have occurred.”


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