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Biafra Republic:It is Time for Brain Work,because the end of Nigeria has come.


All Biafrans in Nigeria army must be vigilant in anywhere they are and if they send you to NorthEast, resign and go back to Biafra land and wait for us. Nigeria has expired and your oath of allegiance is useless. Time to save and defend your mothers, children, sisters and your land has come.

Biafrans are putting the International communities on notice. Nigeria has become irredeemable. International community must understand that any country that support Nigeria in anyway, have supported terrorism, any country that support Nigeria this time must be regarded as supporting terrorist country.

We are exiting because the government of the day has created, sponsored and sponsoring several terrorist groups like Boko Haram, Islamic state of West Africa, Bandit and Fulani herdsmen to be used as gorilla army against Biafrans and Christians in Nigeria.

If the Yorubas are ready to continue being slave to and accept Islamic state, good luck to them. The Islamisation of Nigeria is happening now and it is no longer secret.

The reason Boko Haram has captured North is because this government is supporting them as they have same agenda and ideology which is Islamic state Today there is Islamic State police in Northern Nigeria operating legally in Nigeria sovereign state and none of you are concerned.

They’ve taken over all the sectors of the economy, sacking Christians and appointing Muslims right in front of your eyes.


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