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Biafra: “It’s Too Little, Too Late” – Mazi Nnamdi KANU Tells S/East Governors, Nnia Nwodo


By – Sunday Okafor

The leader of the Indigenous Of Biafra, Mazi Nnamdi KANU has reacted to the claim by South east governors, leaders of not knowing anything about Operation python dance II, III.

On August 31, the South east governors holds a closed door meeting with some Igbo leaders, stakeholders, Security officials. While speaking, the Igbo leaders further distanced themselves from being brain behind the killing of Biafrans and invasion of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu’s home in Afara-Uku, Ibeku in Abia state leaving 28 of his men dead.

In a statement received by Family Writers Press from an official Facebook page of IPOB leader he revealed that when the northern leaders are instigating them (S’East Governors) to fight and kill IPOB members, they are busy negotiating with their fellow Fulani bandits.

“If you knew nothing about Operation Python Dance 2, why did you proscribe IPOB in its wake?

Also speaking, the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, Mazi Nnamdi kanu, said that it’s too little, too late.

His statement reads:

“SE Govs, if you knew nothing about Operation Python Dance 2, why did you proscribe IPOB in its wake? The same northern leaders instigating you to fight peaceful IPOB is busy negotiating with & financing their fellow Fulani bandits. Who is fooling who? Too little, too late.”

  1. Vincent says

    It is too little too late unquote. Mr kanu should remember what happened to Ojukwu when he made a famous comment during the war.Ojukwu said and i quote,
    no power in black africa can subdue Biafra unquote, when everyone saw Biafra collaping militarily and economical. All the black nations who suppose to come to Biafrans aid abandoned them. Comments like this can be dangerous and damages it could bring can be irreparable.

  2. Ekpokoba Vincent says

    That word may be arrogant but every single human beings knows that arrogancy can survive if certain laws are obeyed. Ojukwu did not obey all the spiritual and physical laws. IF Nnamdi Kanu Obeys all the laws, he can and any one can make such an arrogant staement and get free. We forget that although we see human being as physical but what controlls them is greater than them. If God is truely with you, No power made of human phyical means can stop you. Things do happen and even climate chnage may happen just to push others to obey you mision. Any person who trues klilling you when you have no weapon may die from expl acciedental explosions of his own weapons. Things do happen although I advice our leaders to check certain words because Africans are like animals and they do not consider why words are said the way they are said, they simply jump up into automatic animalistic reaction of a bush inhabitant. This makes them dangerouse like vipers. My opinion is that it is high time Nnamdi Kanu starts negotiating with African gorvernments because Biafra is going to be in Africa. and we shall live with Africans and we cannot force people. If we say we are fighting for the whole African nations IPOB must choose from among thos e nations, the nations that are clean enough to interract with. All Rogue nations should be left at the moment until Biafra is reinstated.

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