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Biafra: Extracts From Mazi Nnamdi Kanu’s Broadcast On 6th Day Of May 2020 Via Radio Biafra


Compiled By Onwughalu Uchenna and Comr. Nwawube Ezeobi

1. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu offers prayer to heaven.

2. Chukwu Okike Abiama the almighty God of the universe gave me a message to preach to mankind tonight 06/05/2020 and I must preach it…..This is live, this is Radio Biafra and I am Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.

3. Awolowo was a mass murderer, he connived with Gowon and murdered more than five [5] million people.

4. They dont want me to preach this gospel tonight but I must do it, even if I end up losing my voice, God bear me witness.

5. The Ohaneze senior have come out to say they never asked anybody to invite Gowon to negotiate on behalf of the Igbos.

6. You are given pipeline security guard to a company that belongs to Sultan of Sokoto and you are telling me you are noble, that you are brave.

7. Before we came on this journey, we were dead already, the more the Zoo delays in granting us referendum, the more they will be dragging everybody down with them
Ohaneze Ndi-Igbo are banned and proscribed by IPOB. Anywhere they gather officially, they will see us. Both Ohaneze Ndi-Igbo and Ohaneze youths are proscribed, never to meet in public again.

8. The whole world has recognized Nigeria as a Zoo, Google voice confirmed it.

9. What concerns Nigeria government is Presidency not survival of the people.

10. Go to Google and type “Mass murderers in the world”. You will discover that Gowon is number four (4), listed among the names of mass murderers all over the world.

11. I am asking Miyetti Allah, all our business destroyed in the North, who is going to pay us compensation, when our people were massacred in Abuja Church, who paid us compensation?. Mad people everywhere!

12. I told them before that they are experimenting with you because you have no Head of State.

13. Femi Adesina and the rest of them including Aisha Buhari are Photoshoping their way to prison, all of them that knew about the death of Buhari and are hiding it will all end in jail.

14. A Senator said Nigeria population is too much. Ben Bruce and I ask him why not start from committing suicide and the whole of your family to reduce the population?.

15. Chinese brought in illegal yellow vaccine in Kano. That’s the truth you are all afraid to say it. Which other African people are dying the way they die in Nigeria?.

16. We are holding them in a bad place from which they can never ever come out from. Just like the Ewi (rodent) in those days, we close all the ends and leave only one escape root where we will wait for them to jump out from, then we start suffocating it from the other end. That is exactly what we are doing to Nigeria.

17. prophet iginla joshua told them to call for a negotiation when they had opportunity to negotiate but they never heard.

18. Any civilised country will storm Aso Rock and storm anybody there but unfortunately Nigeria is not one. Give us Buhari live broadcast and I will denounce Biafra.

19. Where is the money from Abacha loot?.
Which account did they pay it in?. I laugh at those that call themselves Nigerians.

20. Nigerians are daft to the core, they don’t reason, everybody can just come and loot and go scott free.

21. I told them that I Nnamdi Kanu by the grace of God will strangulate the zoo and they thought I was joking.

22. Jubril Al-Sudani cannot come back, he is in Cuba.

23. I told you that Burutai will not come back, he has run off, what will happen to him will be an example to others. Burutai couldn’t attend his mother’s burial, his mother was buried today. Beware what you wish others.

24. This IPOB will not forgive, we will hunt them down wherever they may be.

25. When Pastor Iginla told them to go and negotiate, Nnia Nwodo and co-conspirators at Nike lake Hotel told them to go ahead and kill me instead.

26. If Fulani had known, they would have given me my referendum.

27. Aso Rock is undersiege, I know where Buhari is, I know where jubril is (ofcourse he is not coming back). That thing in


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