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Bandits dispatching assault on Nigeria’s public safety – Kaduna Reps


Individuals from the House of Representatives have bemoaned the expanding assaults by criminals particularly along the Abuja-Kaduna Highway, portraying it as a surge public safety.

The legislators said the spate of frailty in Nigeria has been “a question of grave worry” to generally good natured nationalists for quite a long time.

“This condition of weakness has seriously impacted travel on Nigerian streets as Nigerians have either selected to remain where they are or pick method for transportation that are outside their means or accommodation,” the administrator added.

The delegates said these while tending to columnists after the entire on Thursday.

Talking for their sake, Garba Datti-Muhammad said, “Not very far in the past, there were worries about the ceaseless episodes of banditry along the Abuja-Kaduna Highway and measures were taken that seemed to have limited the danger on that stretch of street.

“It was trusted that that would be the start of the finish of the test of weakness on our streets as it impacted the whole country. Tragically, this has not been the situation. Rather the peculiarity of banditry has consistently and progressively tracked down its direction back to the Abuja-Kaduna Highway.

“Over the most recent five days, it has arrived at its terrible and grievous top as the spate of assaults, killings, kidnappings, kidnappings and thefts on the Abuja-Kaduna Highway have brought about emergency of terrifying and cataclysmic extents.

“On Sunday, November 21, 2021, in the most promoted however positively not by any means the only one of such challenging assaults in the course of the most recent couple of days, a resigned Director of Protocol of the Federal Capital Development Authority and a governorship competitor in Zamfara State, Hamidu Sagir, was severely killed while four yet-to-be-discovered quantities of suburbanites were snatched in unnerving conditions.

“This apparently thought little of attack on our individual, group and public safety has proceeded with unabated despite its appearing consistency. Clearly this ought not be the situation.”

The agents noticed that the Abuja-Kaduna Highway is the basic entryway between the North and the South of Nigeria and the significant connection street toward the North-West and North-East just as to many adjoining nations.

The officials focused on that the expressway is likewise the critical source for the transportation of people, labor and products across Nigeria and this is apparent in the remarkable rush hour gridlock on it nonstop.

“For these and different reasons that can’t be obliged in this assertion, it is basic that the protected condition of the Abuja-Kaduna Highway should be reestablished immediately,” they expressed.

Datti-Muhammad added, “We should alert that the circumstance on the interstates, especially the Abuja-Kaduna Highway, if not quickly redressed, spells destruction for the economy and the public activity of Nigerians in opposition to Section 15(1) of the Constitution, which commands the Nigerian State to ‘give satisfactory offices to and energize free versatility of individuals, labor and products all through’ Nigeria just as segment 41(1) which ensures the right to opportunity of development all through Nigeria to each Nigerian.

“We are concerned that the tragic outcome of this situation is that this country and Nigerians have lost a great deal in living souls, monetary assets, human poise and resident certainty just as that the country and Nigerians are in danger of losing considerably more.

“In our assurance that this situation should be promptly turned around as an issue of desperation in the release of the state’s commitment to ensure the security and government assistance of individuals, we thus approach the pertinent security offices in Nigeria to direly and immediately work together to stop the accursed and wretched exercises of these crooks and secure the Abuja-Kaduna Highway and all such different thruways by sending the faculty and material assets just as insight important to achieve something similar.”


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