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Live Reporting

By Jonathan Jurejko

All times stated are UK

  1. Game and first set Thiem

    Thiem 7-5 Zverev

    To the dismay of the now seemingly pro-Thiem crowd, the first chance goes begging when the Austrian plants a backhand into the net.

    Zverev needed that. He’s been chuntering at his box all night and now he has a real problem.

    Set point #2.. uh oh, he’s missed the first serve. A shrug of the shoulders is not a positive sign.

    The O2 holds its collective breath… second serve into the net. A double fault!

    Zverev chokes and hands over the first set to Thiem on his first opportunity.

  2. Post update

    Thiem 6-5 Zverev*

    Zverev, naturally, starts with an ace for 15-0. A second serve is then put back into play by Thiem, who ups the ante following a short rally to force Zverev into a framed return.

    Thiem goes 15-30 ahead before three break points come his way following another Zverev error.

    Not only are they threebreakpoints, they are threesetpoints…

  3. Post update

    Thiem 6-5 Zverev*

    Zverev serving to stay in the set: part deux.

  4. Post update

    David Law

    BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Extra tennis commentator

    This is the most tense the O2 has felt all week. It’s nowhere near the best tennis but it’s tense.

  5. Post update

    Thiem 6-5 Zverev*

    Zverev hasn’t been winning too many of the long rallies but goes toe-to-toe in a baseline duel with his explosive opponent, Thiem blinking first with a forehand into the net.

    That’s 15-30 and greeted by a Zverev fistpump which oozes defiance and determination.

    Thiem levels up with an ace, however, then pulls Zverev wide with a second serve which the defending champ whacks long.

    Another crosscourt return from the German sees Thiem get over the line.

  6. Post update

    Matthew Henry

    BBC Sport at the O2 Arena

    It’s an easy game when you’re taken to deuce and you find a 140mph serve and follow it with another at a pedestrian 138mph.

    Impressive serving from Sascha.

    Alexander Zverev

    Copyright: Getty Images

  7. Post update

    *Thiem 5-5 Zverev

    A glimpse of a chance for Thiem at 0-15 disappears when he can’t take advantage of a Zverev second serve.

    But wait… he’s got a proper chance now. Zverev doubles faults for 40-40, the German glaring at the crowd as they chant ‘Dom-in-ic! Dom-in-ic!’

    That fires Zverev up, bringing out that potent weapon of the first serve again to get over the line.

  8. Post update

    Laura Robson

    Former British number one on BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Extra

    I think Thiem has taken a step back on his positioning. He is just giving himself an extra half a second to get a racquet on the ball and get himself in the point.

  9. Post update

    Matthew Henry

    BBC Sport at the O2 Arena

    Alexander Zverev had another rant at his box in that game. What is getting him so frustrated? Is it because he thinks he should have got himself ahead with Thiem struggling on serve?

    On another note… The Arena’s DJ is doing a fine job. Blues Brothers followed by Oasis at the changeover.

  10. Post update

    Thiem 5-4 Zverev*

    Zverev to serve to stay in the set. Don’t expect any fireworks here, though, Thiem has only won six receiving points in the whole match so far.

  11. Post update

    David Law

    BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Extra tennis commentator

    The tennis has been bitty, neither one of them has found their best form yet.

  12. Post update

    Thiem 5-4 Zverev*

    Zverev can be a spiky chap, can’t he? Hands on hips, he chunters something in German – and probably unrepeatable to a family audience if I could understand it – as he finds himself 40-0 behind.

    Another one-two combo from Thiem leaves Zverev bruised at the baseline and unable to recover a winner. Game over.

  13. Post update

    *Thiem 4-4 Zverev

    Thiem chomps on what looks like a cereal bar at the changeover, but it doesn’t give him the boost he needs as Zverev quickly races 40-15 ahead.

    However, he misses a first serve – that’s a rarity – and then fluffs his second serve to produce a double fault. Clearly he doesn’t have enough practice with his second serve…

    Back to business for the German who crashes down another rapid delivery. As you were.

  14. Post update

    Matthew Henry

    BBC Sport at the O2 Arena

    It feels like the crowd is waiting for this match to really catch fire.

    Alexander Zverev is getting a little annoyed with himself, gesticulating towards his box.

    Thiem is much more straight-faced. He’s not giving a lot away.

    Alexander Zverev

    Copyright: Reuters

  15. Post update

    Thiem 4-3 Zverev*

    Thiem has not had a comfortable service game since the opener, but finds his rhythm with a hold to 15.

    Much better from the Austrian, who might not be serving as well as his opponent but is still ahead on the scoreboard.

    Nothing between them in the most important statistic.

  16. Post update

    *Thiem 3-3 Zverev

    While Thiem might not have brought his A-game with the ball in hand yet, Zverev certainly has.

    He rattles through another hold, taking his first serve percentage to 88%, helping him win 13 of his 17 service points.

  17. Post update

    David Law

    BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Extra tennis commentator

    The serve isn’t really functioning that well for Thiem so far. I think the serve might be stressing him out a bit – he’s only got half of the first serves in so far.

  18. Post update

    Thiem 3-2 Zverev*

    A doubles-style net exchange ends with Thiem going for an adventurous lob which is overcooked and brings upanother break point for Zverev…

    But the Austrian presses the power-up button to blast his way back to safety.

    Dominic Thiem

    Copyright: Reuters

  19. Post update

    *Thiem 2-2 Zverev

    Superb focus from Dominic Thiem as he carefully watches two high balls lumped his way by Zverev and smashes them back to safety. The second one hits the sideline and puts him 30-15 up.

    A picture of concentration.

    Zverev makes a rogue challenge and goes 40-15 down, only for Thiem to let him sneak back into the game after a long return and a double fault. Deuce…

  20. Post update

    Laura Robson

    Former British number one on BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Extra

    It’s 2-2 but it feels like Thiem has really dominated this match from the start, Zverev is just staying in it.